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18. A song you listen to when…you know, you’re having “couple’s time.”


Sorry, don’t really have a song for that, but here are a few songs I think are sexy…

I heard this watching “The L Word” one night and man, so hot.

Massive Attack – “Teardrop” yeah, this song also hot. I don’t know if its the bass line or the vocals but damn.

Bitch please, do not make me explain this one. It’s Depeche Mode.  Dave Gahan reading a Chinese Takeout Menu is sexy.

More proof that I am probably a gay man, I find this track from the Pet Shop Boys “Night Life,” to be incredibly sexy. Have I mentioned before that I also LOVE the Pet Shop Boys? And they’re incredible live. Seriously, I’ve seen them twice. Super amazing.

so stylish

Someone pointed out to me the other day that this Lonely Island song sounds like the Pet Shop Boys.

It would explain why I think it’s hilarious.

This song was the only good thing to come out of “The Crow; City of Angels” which is pretty much the WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. I almost walked out of it it was so freakin’ bad. But back to this song. So hot. This is Linda Perry and Grace Slick together? Forget it! I’m sold.

Mia's still hot, even if she is a psycho in the L Word later on...


2 thoughts on “18. A song you listen to when…you know, you’re having “couple’s time.”

  1. what about blue skies bring tears from machina?

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