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16. A song that, if life were a musical, you would most certainly sing. Explain.

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It’s kind of funny because I actually think about this every time I watch a musical, which is surprisingly often. Mr Stephanie seem to not hate them or at very least will tolerate them.

Since not one song is sticking out to me right now here are a few that I could’ve sang in my own musical this past year…

Of course my musical would be sort of rock and roll. This song from  “Last Stop Crappy Town,” really would’ve been a great one in the time I was moving and right after I moved here. I heard a lot of things in that time that surprised me, mostly that people thought I wouldn’t do this or they didn’t approve of what I was going to do and you know what? I don’t talk to those people any more.

Oh this song says “fuck” about a million times.

I had a friend like this once. 🙂 This definitely would’ve been in my episode of “Glee” or whatever. Wait didn’t Darren Criss sing this song in an episode? Anyway it would’ve happened. The friend wasn’t a “sister” and I’m not hairy but everything else about this song is absolutely accurate and would’ve been in my musical.

Not ironic at all that I would sing a song that an openly gay man does. I mean Pink wrote it. Again its just one of those things I felt like over the last year or so.  And everything I’ve learned from musicals I learned from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you sing your feelings.

Mostly I'm jealous that he's prettier than me.

Speaking of Pink, I’m pretty sure she’s psychic or something.

I gotta warn you the video is a lot more disturbing than the song, but if my life was a musical I would sing this to every single one of my real true friends. Some of whom are so hard on themselves and they shouldn’t be, because they are pretty much the best there is.


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