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15. A song that you danced to in junior high or high school.

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In Junior high school the idea of getting me to dance was just absurd. It wouldn’t have happened. In high school though we used to dance both between the bands at Mars to a lot of 80’s stuff and at this other club Oz that I *think* lost it’s liquor license because it went from being a bar to an all ages club. I wrote about it once a very long time ago but lost that entry. Needless to say while for a few sweet months it was a great place to go but then it just started getting… weird. In the bad way. In the rednecks didn’t want me dancing with my female friends kind of way and we stopped going.

But here were some of the hits of the Oz era…

Obviously we had no idea what a short dicked man was. Hello we were in high school, but this song was hilarious and came up quite a bit. I remember busting it out in the prod room at Wild last year to make Tiffany and Teresa laugh one day. Needless to say when it came up later in a Wild Workout, I about choked.  I was just glad I wasn’t on the air because I would’ve died laughing. Yes I am a 12 year old boy and the word dick is HILARIOUS.

Cake – I will Survive. You’d think wtf, but come on its a remake of a disco song. They played it a lot up in this place. Sometimes in the mix with Gloria Gaynor’s version.

Remember when the whole world didn’t know who Gwen Stefani was? I was a No Doubt fan from back in the self titled album days. You couldn’t go anywhere by the time I was a senior in high school without hearing this song. Out dancing was no different. I suspect the DJ wanted to give all the guys smoke breaks, because this song would come on and all the girls would just run out and dance. Ahhh for the days when I could mimic this look… you know when I had the tummy for it.


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