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14. A song recorded in the 1980s.

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14.  A song recorded in the 1980s.

This is another one of those questions where you’re going to get more than one answer. Sorry. I love the 80’s. Like gag me?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. I’m a huge Depeche Mode fan. Seriously, I’m a grown ass woman with a Depeche Mode poster in her bedroom. Framed. No joke.  That being said, I feel like “Black Celebration,” was the first album that hinted at what they were going to sound like in their hey day around “Violator” (although neither of these are my favorite all time Depeche Mode album.) I uselessly own a video collection (on vhs no less) called “Strange” and “Strange two” where we also see the first of the Anton Corbjn videos with a narrative that would come to define this bands video presence. E-Bay is a whore.

Still hot. Good grief

Dave Gahan needs to marry me. I could write about Depeche Mode all day but we have MOAR music to cover, so hold on.

B-Movie is the DEFINITION of one hit wonder. However their one hit is like… my theme song. It was also my online handle for a bit. I used to know this guy who was a bit of an 80’s expert and ran an 80’s radio show, etc and he first played this song for me. It’s actually the words more than the music that sucked me in. I own this bitch on vinyl (another useless bit of merchandise in my house, I don’t have a record player,) thanks to my friend Russ.  Jesus on Exstacy did a cover of it later on, I still loved it.

X is one of those bands I have both my dad and my cousin Michelle to thank for. I love this band. More so I love Exene. She is incredibly talented, and really nice. Once I saw them at the El Rey in Los Angeles. And she came down between the stage and the barricade and let people sing this song with her. The girl next to me didn’t know the words, I did. I got to sing with her. And fix her stage wig afterwards. Saw them in Paso Robles a few years later and she was just as nice. I love this band so freakin’ much.

I wish I was this fierce

Love this one

Yes they were married for a minute. So were….

Yes, that's the one dude from the Lord of the Rings

Everyone loves Nena “99 Luft Ballons” and I’m no different. I remember playing it here and there on various stations I worked at. Reel Big Fish did a cover of it later on that was awesome as well. From what I understand Nena is still pretty popular in Germany.

Dramarama “Anything, Anything” is one of the songs so many people know who have no idea who the hell did it. Trust me.  Before the KROQ website was an unnavigatable block of crap, they were even mentioned in the FAQ as “who is that band who sings “I’ll give you pills,” there is also a really ugly scene between the singer of Dramarama and Rodney Bingenheimer in the “Mayor of Sunset Strip.” Anyway this song? Classic.

Growing up in Bakersfield was a weird experience as in we’d go to this one punk club owned by this one dude John Bentley who I adored and he loved me too since I tried to help him out with his zoning problems by writing this epic newspaper article. Yes I was that naive once. Anyway. The only consistent theme in all of John’s clubs was that between the bands he would dj this insane eclectic 80s dance music and I remember dancing to this one about 800 times at his various establishments. (Some of my favorites? Empire Coffee where there was a hole in one of the bathroom floors and you could see the practice spaces downstairs and by hole I mean hold the handrail to get around it, what the hell? And then the temporary clubs, one in an old drycleaners, the other in an old dentist office. Somewhere in my boxes is a electrical outlet cover from the old Mars when he finally did get evicted.)

And finally…

Soft Cell is amazing. I don’t care. “Sex Drawf” is another one I own on vinyl. This is me and my friend Shannon’s song. I never met anyone who loved Soft Cell in high school until I met Shannon. Needless to say we’ve been friends every since. Even if I did watch “Edward Penishands” at her house. Followed by GG Allen videos. Yikes. She does have a Devo energy dome, so all is forgiven.


One thought on “14. A song recorded in the 1980s.

  1. I hadn’t ever heard “Sex Dwarf” before. “Tainted Love” will never sound the same again. Hadn’t heard The Nails or B-Movie songs before, either. Thanks for the introduction.

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