Spin Spin Sugar

I'm everyone – hang your label on me

3 and 4

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3. A song from a musical/opera/film/TVshow.

Julee Cruise – “Into the Night”  is from Twin Peaks. This is the only “full version” of the song I found online.  Its an unofficial remix. I love Twin Peaks. This was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I was a weird kid.

Enjoy this as a bonus

4. WILD CARD (whatever you want, but please explain).

Two Christmases ago I remember Brittnay Murphy dying.. When she passed away my old boss put this song on the air. I had never heard it before. I remember driving from Five Cities to SLO with the window down in December listening to this and being incredibly sad for Brittnay Murphy and yet being stoked to hear this song. It’s great.


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