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Attention please, I have new family members

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My cousin Michelle has always been a huge part of my life. She always knew the rad music, the best books, the best places to get tortilla soup and rosemary bread and of course the best things to wear. She took me to see the New Kids on the Block down at Dodger Stadium when I was a youngin. She took me to Disneyland once but we got lost and ended up at the Richard Nixon Library. This is only made more hilarious by the fact that it was the weekend Jerry Garcia died and there were grief ridden hippies everywhere in Venice and the people at Disneyland wouldn’t let either of us get mouse ears that said Jerry.

Today my cousin Michelle had her first baby. A little girl Maisie Rose. And good god on a cracker she’s beautiful.

Hello Baby

Look at all that hair!!!

Maisie took her sweet time showing up, but her little face was worth the wait. I can not WAIT to corrupt her and tell her ghost stories and play her punk records (although considering her Mom, it may be more subversive to play her Lady Gaga later in life and tell her it’s vintage) and shower her with Hello Kitty  and omg hold this tiny person. This part of my family.

It’s incredible.

Welcome to the world Maisie… It’s a rough place but you got born into the right bunch, I promise you’ll be A-Okay.


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