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People who kill Elephants for fun are dicks.

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Mike Rotman has a tutorial and a reason to leave your godaddy.com domains. Please read on:

How to leave GoDaddy.com / Transfer Your Domain Name

If you are here you have probably already seen the elephant being slaughtered by godaddy.com CEO Bob Parsons. Good. because I won’t be putting it up here. I turn my eyes away if someone swats a fly- so no need to watch it again. And yes, I am a 21 year vegetarian, but I don’t preach what I do- I simply like animals and believe they don’t deserve to suffer or be killed for our benefit. But you don’t have to be a vegetarian to have a heart and not want to give your money to a company run by someone who brutally kills animals and poses for pictures over their dead bodies.  So how to leave?

I’m going to try to outline the ways to leave godaddy.com by transferring your domain somewhere else. I chose to move to Name Cheap because they donated $1 of your first 10 domains transferred to savethelephants.org (only good til 3/31/11) but you can chose to transfer to wherever you like and hopefully this guide will help.

Please remember I am a live streaming expert and TV and web comedy writer (Shameless plug- check out our shows at http://www.streamingarage.com) not a tech guy- but hopefully I got all this right.

For best results- everytime you read Go Daddy below, boo as loud as you can! And if you have a grogger left over from Purim- feel free to use that as well.

Let’s try it… Go Daddy.

What? I can’t hear you! You have to be louder than that!


Good job!

Let’s begin with Good news! – if you have time left on your domains at godaddy.com (booo!!) that’s OK- wherever you move it to- you will pay and will simply get an additional 12 months added on to the time you have left. So if you have 4 months left- you now have a year and 4 months. (at least that’s what Name Cheap does and I’m sure others do as well.)

How to Leave Go Daddy Step by Step (Again these steps are geared toward what I did with Name Cheap)

Step 1: Unlock your domains on Go Daddy.

To transfer domains must be unlocked- simply go into your account—> Domain manager —>Select all domains—> hit the little lock icon and all should unlock (It may take a minute or 2)

Step 2: Transfer and buy

Go to your new provider and open an account and log in. Then look for transfer domain. Then type in all the domains you want to transfer. I had something like 60, yeah I’m a hoarder so what of it? (Note to self: pitch new reality show- domain hoarders)

Once you type them all in then click apply or buy ( I forget and am too lazy to go do it again) now you are in your shopping cart.

SAVINGS! Name Cheap has 2 great coupon codes!

The first one being – 10 domains for $4.99 each and $1 goes to savetheelephants.org.Simply type in BYEBYEGD into your coupon code and hit apply.

The second code is for $7.99 a year instead of $8.99 a year (Still cheaper than Go Daddy) to get that type in SWITCH2NC into the coupon code.

You can only use 1 at a time so you have to split your order into 2. You can do this by taking the first 10 and hitting SAVE on each one. This puts them into a future shopping cart. Now, with all the ones left use the SWITCH2NC code and buy! Then go back and use the BYEBYEGD code with the 10 you saved and buy those.

Step 3: EPP Authorization Required

A few minutes after paying you wil get an email form your new domain’s home asking for the EPP Code. This is where it gets to be a little bit of a pain depending on how many domain names you have – but THINK OF THE ELEPHANTS!! (Read that as THINK OF THE CHILDREN! for best joke effect)

To get the EPP authorization code: Go back to your Go Daddy account domain manager- one by one click on each domain you are transferring (Hopefully all of them!- THINK OF THE ELEPHANTS!) and then click on Authorization Code – Send by Email. This will then send you an authorization code to the email you have on file for that domain. Take that code- copy it- now open the email your new domain place sent you and copy that into the code they ask for.
After all that- you should be transferred. I think… That’s as far as I have gotten so far. So I’ll update if necessary.

If you don’t know how amazing Elephants are, read here.

Look at this face!


One thought on “People who kill Elephants for fun are dicks.

  1. You know what the totally ironic thing is? PETA was throwing up a total shitstorm about this. Now WHO might be hosting PETA’s website. DUN DUN DUN! GODADDY.COM!


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