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17. A song recorded in the 1990s.

Look I used to host an all 90’s show, so sit down and shut up, here it comes:

This song is in regular rotation at my station. One of the best Nirvana songs ever, as far as I’m concerned.

Speaking of Seattle, this is Some Velvet Sidewalk. I love this song because its just a freakin’ mess and so low fi and amazing.

The Gits, “Guilt Within Your Head,” I unfortunately had to hear this song on the Home Alive compilation after Mia  Zapata’s murder. But this is a great song.

Babes in Toyland are another GREAT band from the 90s and I love this song.

Poor Lost Highway, it’s soundtrack was way better than the movie. This is one of my favorite Nine Inch Nails songs. Sue me, I’m a trendy bitch.

Speaking of Nine Inch Nails…

Only one of the biggest deals ever, Nine Inch Nails and Bowie together? Forget it! This is just amazing. (By the way am I the only one who thinks David Bowie looks hotter in this video than Trent?)

Hate all you want, but I loved Pennywise. I also love that I sent them a letter when Jason Thirsk killed himself back in the 90s and Jim wrote me back. A hand written letter, thanking me for taking the time to care and reach out. I am sure they got hundreds if not thousands of letters but they took the time to get back to me. I’ll never forget that. Actually I think I’m going to play this today.

Since I’ve already started down this road, the 90’s wouldn’t exist musically for me without my friend Chris Page… So here are these:

Again, hate away, but this song is my song from high school. It’s funny  we first used the word “emo” back in what 94? 95? We thought these guys and Bad Religion were “emo.” Then again we were that Maximum Rock and Roll crowd.. Whatever. This song is amazing. And the new Face to Face record is actually good from what I’ve heard so far.

Ben Weasel is apparently an asshole. I apparently don’t give a shit because this is one of my favorite songs of all time. Chris’s band used to cover it and it was always for me. Because I’m that girl, I guess. Or I was when I was 15. Who knows. I love this song.

I’m guilty, I love this song.

And finally (mostly because I need to leave for work not because I have run out of great 90’s songs, I could run an entire blog about the songs from that era) this one goes out to my good friend Jens Funke aka Cupcake, who I love for his fantastic sense of humor and his tour of duty with Deadsy….

You see the backpack was a metaphor for vaginas. Or reminded them of vaginas. I don’t know. But this song is ridiculous. And from the 90’s.

Happy Saturday, I gotta go to work.

oh the 90s


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16. A song that, if life were a musical, you would most certainly sing. Explain.

It’s kind of funny because I actually think about this every time I watch a musical, which is surprisingly often. Mr Stephanie seem to not hate them or at very least will tolerate them.

Since not one song is sticking out to me right now here are a few that I could’ve sang in my own musical this past year…

Of course my musical would be sort of rock and roll. This song from  “Last Stop Crappy Town,” really would’ve been a great one in the time I was moving and right after I moved here. I heard a lot of things in that time that surprised me, mostly that people thought I wouldn’t do this or they didn’t approve of what I was going to do and you know what? I don’t talk to those people any more.

Oh this song says “fuck” about a million times.

I had a friend like this once. 🙂 This definitely would’ve been in my episode of “Glee” or whatever. Wait didn’t Darren Criss sing this song in an episode? Anyway it would’ve happened. The friend wasn’t a “sister” and I’m not hairy but everything else about this song is absolutely accurate and would’ve been in my musical.

Not ironic at all that I would sing a song that an openly gay man does. I mean Pink wrote it. Again its just one of those things I felt like over the last year or so.  And everything I’ve learned from musicals I learned from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you sing your feelings.

Mostly I'm jealous that he's prettier than me.

Speaking of Pink, I’m pretty sure she’s psychic or something.

I gotta warn you the video is a lot more disturbing than the song, but if my life was a musical I would sing this to every single one of my real true friends. Some of whom are so hard on themselves and they shouldn’t be, because they are pretty much the best there is.

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15. A song that you danced to in junior high or high school.

In Junior high school the idea of getting me to dance was just absurd. It wouldn’t have happened. In high school though we used to dance both between the bands at Mars to a lot of 80’s stuff and at this other club Oz that I *think* lost it’s liquor license because it went from being a bar to an all ages club. I wrote about it once a very long time ago but lost that entry. Needless to say while for a few sweet months it was a great place to go but then it just started getting… weird. In the bad way. In the rednecks didn’t want me dancing with my female friends kind of way and we stopped going.

But here were some of the hits of the Oz era…

Obviously we had no idea what a short dicked man was. Hello we were in high school, but this song was hilarious and came up quite a bit. I remember busting it out in the prod room at Wild last year to make Tiffany and Teresa laugh one day. Needless to say when it came up later in a Wild Workout, I about choked.  I was just glad I wasn’t on the air because I would’ve died laughing. Yes I am a 12 year old boy and the word dick is HILARIOUS.

Cake – I will Survive. You’d think wtf, but come on its a remake of a disco song. They played it a lot up in this place. Sometimes in the mix with Gloria Gaynor’s version.

Remember when the whole world didn’t know who Gwen Stefani was? I was a No Doubt fan from back in the self titled album days. You couldn’t go anywhere by the time I was a senior in high school without hearing this song. Out dancing was no different. I suspect the DJ wanted to give all the guys smoke breaks, because this song would come on and all the girls would just run out and dance. Ahhh for the days when I could mimic this look… you know when I had the tummy for it.

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14. A song recorded in the 1980s.

14.  A song recorded in the 1980s.

This is another one of those questions where you’re going to get more than one answer. Sorry. I love the 80’s. Like gag me?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. I’m a huge Depeche Mode fan. Seriously, I’m a grown ass woman with a Depeche Mode poster in her bedroom. Framed. No joke.  That being said, I feel like “Black Celebration,” was the first album that hinted at what they were going to sound like in their hey day around “Violator” (although neither of these are my favorite all time Depeche Mode album.) I uselessly own a video collection (on vhs no less) called “Strange” and “Strange two” where we also see the first of the Anton Corbjn videos with a narrative that would come to define this bands video presence. E-Bay is a whore.

Still hot. Good grief

Dave Gahan needs to marry me. I could write about Depeche Mode all day but we have MOAR music to cover, so hold on.

B-Movie is the DEFINITION of one hit wonder. However their one hit is like… my theme song. It was also my online handle for a bit. I used to know this guy who was a bit of an 80’s expert and ran an 80’s radio show, etc and he first played this song for me. It’s actually the words more than the music that sucked me in. I own this bitch on vinyl (another useless bit of merchandise in my house, I don’t have a record player,) thanks to my friend Russ.  Jesus on Exstacy did a cover of it later on, I still loved it.

X is one of those bands I have both my dad and my cousin Michelle to thank for. I love this band. More so I love Exene. She is incredibly talented, and really nice. Once I saw them at the El Rey in Los Angeles. And she came down between the stage and the barricade and let people sing this song with her. The girl next to me didn’t know the words, I did. I got to sing with her. And fix her stage wig afterwards. Saw them in Paso Robles a few years later and she was just as nice. I love this band so freakin’ much.

I wish I was this fierce

Love this one

Yes they were married for a minute. So were….

Yes, that's the one dude from the Lord of the Rings

Everyone loves Nena “99 Luft Ballons” and I’m no different. I remember playing it here and there on various stations I worked at. Reel Big Fish did a cover of it later on that was awesome as well. From what I understand Nena is still pretty popular in Germany.

Dramarama “Anything, Anything” is one of the songs so many people know who have no idea who the hell did it. Trust me.  Before the KROQ website was an unnavigatable block of crap, they were even mentioned in the FAQ as “who is that band who sings “I’ll give you pills,” there is also a really ugly scene between the singer of Dramarama and Rodney Bingenheimer in the “Mayor of Sunset Strip.” Anyway this song? Classic.

Growing up in Bakersfield was a weird experience as in we’d go to this one punk club owned by this one dude John Bentley who I adored and he loved me too since I tried to help him out with his zoning problems by writing this epic newspaper article. Yes I was that naive once. Anyway. The only consistent theme in all of John’s clubs was that between the bands he would dj this insane eclectic 80s dance music and I remember dancing to this one about 800 times at his various establishments. (Some of my favorites? Empire Coffee where there was a hole in one of the bathroom floors and you could see the practice spaces downstairs and by hole I mean hold the handrail to get around it, what the hell? And then the temporary clubs, one in an old drycleaners, the other in an old dentist office. Somewhere in my boxes is a electrical outlet cover from the old Mars when he finally did get evicted.)

And finally…

Soft Cell is amazing. I don’t care. “Sex Drawf” is another one I own on vinyl. This is me and my friend Shannon’s song. I never met anyone who loved Soft Cell in high school until I met Shannon. Needless to say we’ve been friends every since. Even if I did watch “Edward Penishands” at her house. Followed by GG Allen videos. Yikes. She does have a Devo energy dome, so all is forgiven.


12. A heavy metal/hard rock song.

I was a rock chick, sue me

Even though I am a music “snob” (bitch please the only music I don’t like is like Insane Clown Posse bad music) I do like me some hard rock/metal. Did I mention that my Grandma LOVED watching Headbangers Ball with me on Saturday Nights? Seriously. Ask ANY of my friends.  This is another where you can’t just pick ONE.

I once saw Pantera and Slayer and Static X together. Still one of my top 10 shows of all time. And I’m sorry Slayer, I love you, but Pantera blew the doors off your show. 1992’s “Vulgar Display of Power” is one of the greatest metal albums of all time, and I don’t give a f#@k what anyone has to say. It is. Deal with it. “By Demons Be Driven,” is my favorite metal song to play (on the air too) on a Monday morning, If that doesn’t wake you up, you’re in a coma. (they have a song about that too. “Hollow” is another one I love.)

This isn’t to say I don’t LOVE Slayer. Because yeah, I do. Certain Slayer songs really blow my skirt up or whatever the phrase is.  “Raining Blood” is one I NEED to get in the system at work because holy crap, this song is bad ass. You awake yet? Is this thing on? Hell I don’t know, I’m deaf.

Speaking of Grandma, Grandma’s favorite hard rock videos of all time were the Guns and Roses Use Your Illusion videos. I’ll explain…

It started with “Don’t Cry,” my grandma just liked this song. Then we watched the video and my grandma loved movies but she also loved soap operas. Let’s be real Axl Rose is a walking talking crapping Soap to the Opera. I also rather enjoy Stephanie Seymor  as the woman slapper in this one. Also did you catch Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon doing backing vocals (and probably backing herion) in this? Or did you know that this was me and my friend Dixie’s favorite song in the 7th grade? OMG!

Well since Axl is a big ol bloated whore he couldn’t stop here obviously and made the next insanely expensive video in this trilogy, “November Rain,” which for awhile was one of THE MOST expensive videos of all time. Also probably my Grandma’s favorite video of all time. I am completely NOT kidding.

One of the absolute  most bloated songs of all time (until we get to the last in this trio) but it’s rock opera epic. So much hope! Axl thinks he’s Elton John in the first act, (and by the way what a class act is Elton, always reaching out to homophobes and being so fabulous that they just HAVE to become his friend?) and marrying Stephanie Seymore (see she won, she beat up all the other groupies and got to marry Axl!) while Stephanie wears my bff Jennifer’s wedding dress? So hopeful! Then Slash solos for 20 minutes and Axl buys a gun. (By the way it was my grandma who noticed that Axl bought a gun. Watch it again, you’ll see it. )  Spoiler alert, Stephanie dies and gets burried in a weird coffin. No one knows how. What the hell happened?

My grandma wanted to know though and every time I went over there for the next month or so would ask when the next video was coming out. So when “Estranged,” came out a bit later we had to see what happened.

“Estranged,” by the way is a mess. But it is a mess that belongs to Jen Wa the destroyer and I.

In this big assed expensive (maybe more expensive than “November Rain”) video we find out that (spoiler alert!) Axl killed Stephanie (yet she was still shocked in  real life that he beat her up, girls… don’t be dumb) and maybe its because of the pressures of rock star life or MAYBE its because he got too lit at the Rainbow. Lord knows I almost killed a car load of Samoans outside of that bitch one night. It was probably because the dolphins were swimming in the gutter outside.


Anyway, my actual favorite Guns N’ Roses song from this time period was “You Could Be Mine,” either way, Axl Rose is a crazy bitch. I won’t even repeat some of the things Geffen Reps have said to me over the years.

Back to the meme…. another favorite heavy metal / hard rock song I LOVE is Suicidal Tendencies “You Can’t Bring Me Down.”

Lets talk REAL TALK for a moment and let me inform you that I love all things ST. My dad took Amber and I to see them and MEET THEM OMG in Junior High school. I wish I still had the pictures. Maybe Amber does. Anyway I love these guys.  Gangs and all. Love this band.

Motorhead. Ace of Spades. Enough said.


11. A song recorded in the 1970s.

Man this one is hard because the 70’s is when punk exploded and anyone who’s known me for awhile knows this is one of my favorite genres in music. So I’m going to cheat and give you a few. Suck it.

For a brief bit in high school I dated this guy Matt Thompson (everyone in Bakersfield knows who I’m talking about.) and I mean it was brief, maybe a month or so, but this was one of the bands he turned me on to, as well as being the first person to show me the Decline of Western Civilization. Matt’s still a good friend and I’m sure there are legion of people back home that owe some little bit of their music collection to Matt.

The Ramones “I wanna be your boyfriend,” dude who doesn’t love the Ramones just a little bit? I love this song because it’s so sweet and light. It’s not exactly what all Ramones songs sound like but who knows maybe I have a soft spot for it after it’s been sang for me a few times… Obviously not by the Ramones themselves, although I did get to see them on the Adios Amigos tour. Epic.

Most people stick Blondie firmly in the 80s but “Heart off Glass” came out in 1976.  I remember this album being one of my favorites as a little kid. See my dad is in radio too and I always had piles and piles of records to play with. I used to make my own radio shows on my grandpa’s stereo system with either a little radio shack plug in mic or those Fisher Price mics that would broadcast over empty FM dials (as it turns out I am not the only radio person who used to do this as a kid, yes Jojo I am looking at you.) and I always loved “Parallel Lines,” most likely because of the cover and how glam Debbie Harry looked on it.

If you can’t relate to The Buzzcocks “Every fallen in love with someone (you shouldn’t have fallen in love with?)” you’ve probably never really left your house. I discovered this song of all places on some cheap compilation disc I bought at a Thrifty’s check out for like 6 dollars because it had some other more well known punk song on it. I was on lunch break from Bakersfield College and needed to buy eyeliner or something and went into Thrifty’s and there it was in the 6.99 bin and I bought it. This QUICKLY became my favorite song on the comp and oh yes, it very much does remind me of some one. Don’t worry though, honey I won’t out you here. You probably know who you are. 🙂

I was having a conversation with my new boss the other day and he said something pretty profound, “If you don’t want Bob Marley to be your number one testing record, don’t test it.” It’s true, most people like Bob. Its everything that came after that causes a lot of the arguments about if reggae is stupid or not.  “Is This Love,” from 1978 is a gorgeous song and I pretty much put it on any jukebox that has it if I’m out and about.