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I think I am getting a cold and therefore not feeling the best at the moment. So today we’re going to look at pretty things together and I’m listening to one of my favorite DJ’s on my iPod while I get ready this morning.

I love tea cups

I feel like if I had a tea pot and tea cups I would make tea all of the time. I mean I do anyway but I would really get a kick out of it. Like I want one for my desk at work.


In my next life

In my next life I’m going to live in a Skyy Vodka advertisement. Not just because there seems like there would be unlimited vodka there, but because the Skyy ads are all stylized and gorgeous. Everything is elegant and clean and oh so chic…


ahhh yes, my favorite

Everyone knows I love sushi and would eat it morning noon and night if I could but LOOK AT IT. Such beautiful colors and great presentation. Sushi is as much of a visual experience for me as a food. If the sushi isn’t plated correctly or isn’t popping with color, it’s just not as pleasurable for me to eat. Same thing if the place I get it isn’t decorated just so… I used to get some tasty raw fish at a place called Sushi Kokku in SLO but it always lacked the decor and of course the plating, it was a fast food joint. The experience is just as big of a part of the meal as the food.


map to happiness

In a world of Harajuku

Gwen Stefani (not pictured) and I may be separated at birth… nevermind she’s a gorgeous millionaire and I’m a lowly radio dj with a sore throat this AM. Gwen’s tastes and mine have always ran side by side. The Harajuku Lovers collections have blown my mind time and again because of the cute overload but also how well made some of the bags are. I’m a Betsy Johnson girl first and foremost but let’s be real the Betsyville bags do tend to break or rip if you use them as your every day purse. My Harajuku Lovers stuff has been through hell and back with nary a scratch. At most I need to throw my white one in the washer. I almost feel like Gwen remembers what being broke was like… almost.


Hey Baby, Hey Baby Hey

I'd sport it


I love tights!!

I think I’m late to the tights party. My former roommate Jen Wa the Destroyer was always my fashion consultant but since we don’t live together, I’ve had to dress myself and my go to look lately has been a shirt dress (think long sweater that could be belted or an actual baby doll dress) and some kind of wild ass tights with my big boots from Christmas. It’s an easy way to feel a little dressed up when I get out of bed at 5am and have to go to work without doing a ton of work. Plus no one else in Chico has been rocking this look (I saw a couple of gals in SLO doing it when I was down for the weekend) so it’s sort of my signature.


Bling bling

Via Lunaricsales

via Sugarjunkie

Costume jewelry is my favorite thing in the world. I’m not even sure anyone says “costume jewelry” anymore and I may be channeling my grandma there but whatever. Resin Jewelry has been getting more and more popular and let me tell you if you want something original Etsy is the place to get it for pretty cheap. My two favorite designers out there are India out in Ohio and Jamie in Indiana. Quality, beautiful stuff. Check them out the next time you want a treat…




So cute!

I fell in love with Dev after hearing “Bass Down Low” but she’s done a ton of stuff with the IT boys of the moment, the Cataracts. Also she’s from Modesto which isn’t that far from where I live currently, so maybe I can stalk her and we can be bff’s and go shopping together. Or get kicked out of night clubs together. Whatever.

I wish I wasn't too old to rock this hair.

Dev's twitter account is @devishot


Haters to the left

It may be Rihanna backlash time but I don’t care. I love dis bitch right now. She’s all over everything sure, but damn if she isn’t cute. And coming back from some nasty tabloid stuff. Maybe it’s that Barbados accent or the fact that she rocked my favorite haircut better than I ever could or the song she did with Eminem that blew my mind, but I want to invite her to my tea party.


Rihanna wearing my hair

Come on, look at that expression, you know she's a blast to hang out with

so pretty!


lucky cat!


I understand  alot of people think Serato is the devil. But damn if their control records aren’t gorgeous.  I did get so fascinated by Serato and the whole DJ culture when I was at Wild that I ended up downloading Mixxr to see if I’m any good.

My aren’t you curious if I can laptop DJ like Lindsay Lohan?

Dream Date

Ciao Baby

Ohhh la la la

No secret I love Vespa scooters. I live somewhere that at least in the summer it makes sense to have one. They’re just so gorgeous and it turns out, I can drive one. Go figure. I love the vintage ads though….


the 60s in London looked fun

She's not in the B-52's

Mod Fashion makes me crazy. Because I could rock it. It’s just so sexy and fun. All that eyeliner and huge hair and pleather boots? Forget it. I’m sold, sign me up.

Dream living room

Make up

So many colors


I love make up. I rarely wear it anymore because I work so early in the morning and it takes a lot to get me looking fly, but I love that it exists. I love the big colors and huge eyelashes and the ladies (and boys) that bother with it. So great.

Hopefully my list of visuals helped motivate you as well. As for me its vegan chikn soup time and off to work….


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