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someday you will be loved…


This is a happy gal

Oh San Luis Obispo…

I am leaving you again in a couple of hours. I will try not to cry. This place has been so amazingly kind to me. I saw EVERYONE that I wanted to see, even if only briefly. I spent a magical day with my best friend Tristan. I saw my other BFF Teresa. I saw my everyone. I just…

Man this place, I miss more than I miss Bakersfield. If I could just export my parents and a hand full of friends to the coast, I’d never go to Bakersfield again, unless I wanted Basque food. Because here’s the thing, SLO was my first “adult” home. I lived on my own here for the first time, I mean REALLY on my own for awhile too. No roommates, very little help, I did that for a long while here. I had my home. I had my first two “adult” (and really this is subject to opinion) relationships here. I in a sense grew up here.

Its a gorgeous time of the year here. Sure its a little cold and wet but goddamn its pretty. And green. And the ocean is still here. I mean no one put a giant pool cover on it while I was away. It’s all still here. My heart is still here.

Some day I may come back for good. Until then I will be content visiting it, it does make an excellent second home.


Chico bound by 1pm today…. I miss my cat.

at black sheep


3 thoughts on “someday you will be loved…

  1. I’m glad that you made it back and you’ve had a good time. I almost ran into you at Vons on Friday. At least, that’s what Foursquare told me. I had lunch yesterday at Black Sheep, just figuring if I were likely to randomly run into you, that’d be the place.

    If I don’t see you before I leave today (doubtful, tho anything’s possible), have a safe trip back to the moon!

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  3. Hahaha I laughed so hard..thanks I need that!

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