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two for one Saturday

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So tonight is my St Patrick’s Day party, even though St. Pats Day isn’t until Thursday.  I’m not big on having parties during the week though because they’re a lot of work.  This one is starting to feel frustrating because I’m not used to it not being A VERY BIG THING.

You have to understand that my parties of the past were epic affairs. I think last years was the biggest ever. We had people from all over the state getting their Irish on in my yard. Tons of food. Traditionally we would all meet up on actual St Patrick’s Day and finish up the left overs (like the 35 cans/bottles of Guinness that would find itself in various coolers stashed around the yard) and maybe listen to tunes or watch a film.

But that was also in a place where I had a yard and I knew more than three people so this year it’s understandable that things are scaled back a bit.  I’m hoping adding these next two songs to the list of my favorite songs of the season will get me in the mood for tonight because right now I’m not feeling it. Probably because my St Patricks Day San Francisco Giants shirt didn’t make it in time. (Lest you think I’m a traitor I already have a Red Sox shirt for St Pats day, that I bought at Yawkey Way. Just thought I’d try and show Nor Cal some love this year. It MIGHT get here before Thursday… even then I don’t know that I’m actually doing anything on St Patrick’s Day.)

There seems to be some debate on who actually does this song…. It comes up as Dropkick Murphys, Buck-O-Nine and also Flogging Molly. God it could be any of them as far as I’m concerned because it’s rad. Some day someone will solve the mystery. Maybe it’s all three of them.

“Drink and Fight” was a big favorite of my first real radio love, The Punk Ass Bitches Show. Man I miss doing those St Patty’s Day versions of that show. I think. I don’t really remember most of them. Oh well….

This is another mystery artist… The best answer is that it is a band that does novelty Irish drinking songs. It’s not safe for work. I don’t think I have to tell you that when there  a curse word in the title, but hey I’m just putting it out there…

Jennifer and I used to LOVE singing this song on road trips. It’s just a good ol’ sing along song. We used to change “trunk” to “Frank” who was my ice chest. Frank was a good guy…

Anyway wish me luck on my first Chico St Patrick’s Day party….

“Cha deoch-slàint, i gun a tràghadh.”
*It’s no health if the glass is not emptied.*


One thought on “two for one Saturday

  1. Wow. This just made me super sad and lonely. Does anybody remember laughter? Nope, not really.

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