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You want to read something that is absolutely wrong and awful?!

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This link to an article in the New York Times is disgusting.

It deals with a group of  “young men” gang raping an 11 year old girl.


Yes, I just said that.

What’s worse is the New York F$#@ng Times seems to BLAME THE VICTIM.


She’s 11. I don’t care if she ASKED them to do it. You do NOT touch an 11 year old child sexually. I don’t CARE IF SHE PAID THEM. She’s 11.


I feel sick right now. Like physically sick after reading this.

I mean I don’t even care if her mother handed her to these idiots. SHE’S 11.

The whole tone of the article is gross and I just don’t have public appropriate words for any of it so I’m just gonna ask very nicely that you join me in asking the New York Times in apologizing to this family.


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