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12 and 11


So I skipped yesterday. Whatever.

If I ever (hahahahahahahahha) get married for real, I want this song at my reception. Someone make a note.

Sinead O’Connor and Shane MacGowan… well hell do I really have to say anything else? This couldn’t be more Irish if it was eating potatoes and being angry….

FINALLY someone uploaded a version of the Butch Vig remix of House of Pain “Shamrocks and Shenanigans” This song is so tight. I can’t believe it’s not in the system at work… but then again hey I’m the boss I can fix that. I think I’ll be fixing that when I get to work on Monday…. 🙂

Actually did you know my boyfriend on the Giants, Brian Wilson, he comes out to pitch to a House of Pain song… see? Meant to me. B-Weezy, call me. We can do brunch at Charlie Sheen’s house.


2 thoughts on “12 and 11

  1. That’s an interesting dichotomy of voices in the O’Connor/MacGowen track. it’s pretty cool.

    • it was originally just a pouges song on the sid and nancy soundtrack but then they did this version later. Sinead has done a couple of things with them. I think they’re friends.

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