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I was having a conversation with the Legendary Fashion Bitch about this song awhile back. We both feel like we’ve been living it for awhile now. But it’s weird we both feel like we’ve been living opposite sides of it. She’s living around a bunch of people who think the computer is something the devil lives in and I’m living around people who make school their life and more often than not I end up feeling stupid. Or too old. Or well… common.

These are things that I like: I like going to happy hour after work with my friends. It’s a no worries or even a sip and bitch time of day.  I like loud rock music. I like loud honky tonk music (ahhh yes my Bakersfield shows sometimes. Effin’ sue me.) I like dance clubs. I like stupid celebrity gossip because I get paid to. Guess what I like sports? Shocking, I know but I do. I like cars. Which I know is super shocking, but I do. I like laying out in the sun with a good book and a cocktail.  And a “good” book doesn’t always have to be literature… just something that holds my attention.

They’re such average things. But they make ME happy. I work all day. I run something huge and scary all day and I deal with office stuff (yeah even though I don’t wear a flippin suit every day, I could but why? I don’t even have to wear shoes if I don’t feel like it, but I still have to know what the budget is and try to make money for a beast every day) so when I am done for the day I want to switch off before my brain leaks out of my ears.

Sometimes switching off is going to see a band. Sometimes it’s soaking in the tub. Sometimes its just going to bed.  I’m boring. I’m common.

When I was back in SLO I worked with two of the raddest dudes in the world. Career radio people. Circus people almost if you think about it, we’re like that. And I could trade war stories with them because we had all worked somewhere ELSE before. And we’d done it our whole lives. Everyone was on the same page and we could always talk about whatever. I never felt boring or common or old because we always had each other to at least commiserate.  But mostly we laughed. About how boring and normal we were.  And I miss that.

I think the problem I have here is that I don’t have a peer group. I just don’t. Everyone I have met is awesome! But they’re either younger than me and find the fact that I’m resigned to making something work that doesn’t make me gobs of money to be weird (hey it used to make me gobs of money, some day it could again, right?) or they’re older than me and they have families now and they have deep ass roots here and they’ve got some amazing friends.

I guess I miss having people in the same boat as me. I miss talking shop with my boys. I miss talking boys with T-Rock. I miss not being made to feel common because my life revolves around bills and work and finding enough quarters for laundry and where is the best happy hour….

I don’t know this didn’t make much sense but whatever…


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