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Miss Teresa Lara

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So yesterday I came back from my radio station’s ski trip. I was exhausted. Smelled bad and a bit still cold and I found a box from bloody San Luis Obispo on my desk.

I had to wait a bit to open it because I had to go to dinner and God knows I needed a cocktail after the day I had had. When I got home I opened up and found a lovely notebook with a kitty wearing headphones and playing with the radio and I found this:

Oh Hello

A little Hello Kitty MP3 Speaker. And she’s rechargeable!  Amazing! I plugged her in and charged her last night and tried her out this morning. Sometimes these mobile speakers can be touch and go but she sounds marvelous. Good quality tone, nice volume. Perfect for at your desk in the office or laying by the pool in the summer so you don’t disturb everyone else. Plus she’s so cute.

Thank you Teresa, she’s freakin’ PERFECT. I love her.

I miss my friends back home so much. Teresa is one of my many friends that always knows just what to get someone. Be it clothes, a little dodad or a box of candy or a big pink cocktail. Teresa is so good at making people happy. I don’t know how she ever doubts herself, because she’s one of the best people I know. Heart as big as all of France.

A few margaritas later...

the night after the night that dare not speak its name

the Clear Channel days... Punk Ass Bitches for lyfe!


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