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sexiness in the city

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Went to Sacramento, last minute on Sunday night. It was amazing.


I love this man
At Brew it Up!
At the R15 bar for Breakfast on Monday

At the R-15 bar I was dicking around on my cell phone and realized there was a really cool place down the way called the Shady Lady Saloon and I insisted that we try it before we left. So in we went and it was worth it. So cute!

Very Madonna Inn esque

We almost tried some

Champagne cocktail

Ben in the Shady Lady with his egg cream

The other rad part of the trip was seeing my friend Vanessa, who I haven’t really had a chance to hang out with since my 30th birthday…

Safeway at 1am. Not Smart
At the R-15 bar Sunday night

I think I was trying to eat her face

Anyway it was a very very fun trip and I know we’ll do it again sometime. Sac is only like an 1 hour 30 minutes away and hotels are cheap. Ours was in downtown and we could walk everywhere (and get panhandled) and never run into anyone we knew or that would care what we were doing. If you know me at all, and you know anything about the places I’ve lived, I LOVE this feature of any city.


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