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breakin’ up


You know the only thing better than silly love songs? Break up songs! Who doesn’t love those? Let’s review….

Gloria Gaynor, “I Will Survive” is a classic. I don’t care how many times Cake tries to cover it. Gloria is a queen.

Full Frontal… man I don’t know ANYTHING about this band. But “You Think You’re A Man” is a great song if you’ve ever been burned by a dude. And the fantastic part is it works for both women and gay men… As I found it by watching one of my favorite shows ever, “Queer As Folk.”

This is the original. It’s really almost better. ❤ you Divine.

BREAKIN UP Video – ARTISTdirect Music.

So anyway, the only source I can find for the Violent Femmes “Breakin’ Up” is at that link above. I think I might actually be the only person who remembers that song at all. But it’s pretty spot on when you’re talking the end of a relationship…

I’m not a Beyonce fan in the least but this song is legit. It’s basically “there’s your ish, get the eff out.”

I have more but right now I want to know, what are your “just got dumped/dumped someome” songs of choice?


3 thoughts on “breakin’ up

  1. from the punk rock genre…
    Die Die Die – The Spits
    Die Die My Darling – Misfits
    Fuck You All – The Casualties…which isn’t exactly a song result of break-ups but sounds fitting none the less

  2. untouchable face by ani difranco
    the entire first album by the national and the entire album by bon iver.
    ex-girlfriend by no doubt
    breakin’ up by rilo kiley
    harder now that it’s over by ryan adams
    come pick me up by ryan adams
    call me on your way back home by ryan adams
    where does the good go? by tegan and sara
    alligator tears by tegan and sara

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