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silly love songs

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So I’ve been posting some of my favorite Love Songs leading up to Valentines Day. Well today’s the big day, so I might as well finish it off..


Lady Gaga “Future Love,” is beautiful…

Wanna break my heart in five minutes or less? Lady Antebellum “Need You Now,” will do it.  Does it have a story? Sure. Am I gonna tell it? Nope. Please drive thru…

Depeche Mode “Sea Of Sin,” and may be more of a “lust” song but who cares, it’s awesome.

Sisters of Mercy “First and Last and Always” is another love song for the fishnet set. Love this band/song.

Katy Perry “Teenage Dream,” reminds me of Ben. And I love that most of the video was shot on the Santa Barbara/ Ventura coast line.


I’m sure there is more. But this is all I have time for today.. Happy Valentines Day everyone.


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