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an award?


Thanks to my good friend Stefanie, my blog has gotten an award.

huh, would you look at that

There are some string attached and I’m okay with that. I have to share 8 things about myself and send this on to 8 bloggers, all of whom inspire me but I do not expect to forward this on, because it gets all chain mail after a minute.

Anyway to start, eight things you may or may not know about me:

1-I miss running and can’t wait until the time changes so I can do it again.

2-I wasn’t always a pescatarian but I’m very proud of myself for keeping with it, even if it makes my life a giant pain in the ass.

3-I miss some people more than I let on. A lot more.

4-I’d rather be in the studio than at my desk.

5-I miss audio production. I thought I’d hate it but making commercials and bits is tangible. You can see what you did immediately and share it with other people.

6-I am fiercely proud of Southern California and nothing these people up here say is ever gonna change that.

7- I love my cat a lot more than I let on.  She really is my baby.

8-My heart is too big. My memory is too long. I love too much most of the time. These things are all the same thing.

And now on with the awards!

1-Stefanie: of course I love her blog. We have the same name. But more so I like being a part of Stefanie’s journey. When I met her a few years ago she wasn’t quite where she wanted to be but damn if she hasn’t woman-ed up in the last few years and really started becoming the woman she wants to be. Love this girl.

2- Aurora– JEEZE is there anything this woman can’t do? I have the biggest girl crush on her. Her art, her writing, her sense of fashion, her compassion, her attitude… damn Aurora, I’m a little gay on you. BTW people she’s doing custom Valentines in case you need them! Check it out.

3-Jenn– Jenn doesn’t know me. She’s never met me.  But if god forbidI ever have children I want to be half the rad ass mom Jenn is. Plus she’s funny. And talented.  And loves food and who hates food? I mean yeah her boys eat a lot of meat but a lot of her dishes are adaptable to veggies. Go see her store, buy her stuff, it will make you a good human.

4- Nina– Man this isn’t in order at ALL. But let’s be real, the lovely and talented and amazing host Nina Bargiel aka the Slackmistress is why I’ve returned to blogging over and over and over. Pretend you have never met the funniest person ever. Now pretend that person is SMOKIN hot and has a huge heart and LOVES animals about as much as I do. Oh and she wrote for all the best tween shows? And loves Penasol and has a rad pink mini? That’s Nina. But not to leave out the fact that Nina is nicer than most humans even though she will tell you other wise.

5- Will: Speaking of Nina, Will is her RADDER THAN EFF husband who I’ve had the honor of hanging out with a couple of times. Will is also nicer than he’ll tell you. He also loves the Jets, the Mets, robots, porn, used to love the booze sauce, the Venture Brothers and fantastic suits. Will likes to tell everyone he’s an asshole but the truth is he’s just FUNNIER than you. He also can write stuff that will make you cry your freakin’ eyes out. I hope he writes a book someday. And I think he and Nina are both rad for letting me crash on their couch once when they had never met me before. And pet their dog. And he likes Ted Leo and I do too!

6- R Dub: R Dub is my radio hero. I mean this dude tells it like it is. If I have to explain, you’re not paying attention.

7-Fucking Magnets!: Isn’t just my blog. I share this with one of my SLO BFFs Tristan. We write about music that is shitty. We are foul mouthed, rude and let’s not lie, he at least is hilarious. I just called out my favorite band, that should tell you nothing is sacred.

8-Ben: My boyfriend, he doesn’t blog much but when he does I usually hear a song I’ve never heard before or at least get a tiny glimpse into what’s going on in his noggin. He’s pretty blunt and so is his blog. But it’s neat to watch his mind work and it encourages me to be more analytical.

Boom.  Done. Thanks Stef for the award!


2 thoughts on “an award?

  1. I was sitting here kinda cranky and BOOM! over it. Can I print that out on business cards? 😉


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