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A long time ago

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A long time ago when my heart was hurting, my friend Dave reached down and pulled me up and was a wall between me and my hearts pain. He never lets me forget that someone out there in this stupid world loves me. And I don’t want him to forget that there is someone out there in this stupid world who loves him too.


When his band played my radio stations event, they played this song for me. I had told him how much it meant to me when I heard it on the record and then that night, it was for me.



I cried.

My friend is in a shit place right now. Doesn’t mean I love him any less. I couldn’t if I tried. His imperfectness is why he’s great. He’s just Dave. He’s just someone who loves with his whole heart. He is just someone who gives with every ounce of him there is. He is just a good guy. He may have made a mistake back there somewhere but don’t we all?

I am thinking of you my friend, you big lug, you beautiful soul. I hope everything works itself out.



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