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on relationships and what not

You ever find out something about an ex that just makes you go “huh?” and scratch your head? I have. Recently even. Its hilarious because the whole situation really makes me feel like I REALLY did the right thing by exiting stage left when I did…


I mean how was I to know that I was just a three year long rebound? I mean really?

Never again.

“Bulletproof” – La Roux

Been there, done that, messed around
I’m having fun, don’t put me down
I’ll never let you sweep me off my feet
I won’t let you in again
The messages I tried to send
My information’s just not going in

I’m burning bridges shore to shore
I break away from something more
I’m not turned off to love until it’s cheap
Been there, done that, messed around
I’m having fun, don’t put me down
I’ll never let you sweep me off my feet

This time baby,
I’ll be, bulletproof
This time baby,
I’ll be, bulletproof

I won’t let you turn around
And tell me now I’m much too proud
To walk away from something when it’s dead
Do, do, do, your dirty words
Come out to play when you are hurt
There are certain things that should be left unsaid

Tick, tick, tick, tick on the watch
And life’s too short for me to stop
Oh, baby, your time is running out
I won’t let you turn around
And tell me now I’m much too proud
All you do is fill me up with doubt

This time baby,
I’ll be, bulletproof
This time baby,
I’ll be, bulletproof [repeat 2x]

This time…I’ll be…bulletproof [repeat 2x]

This time baby,
I’ll be, bulletproof
This time baby,
I’ll be, bulletproof



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girl crush

These two ladies are my personal style icons right now:


Dev is hot. So hot in fact that’s her website. devishot.com


I don’t even look like this on a good day, this is her without make up

While I’m talking about gorgeous ladies of the party rock/house/booty bass movement, I’d be a failure if I didn’t introduce you to my other girlfriend, Luciana.

On the red carpet with Enrique

Classy beer cup lady.

With my friend Nick G from the amazing Ghetto House Radio

I love both of these ladies! I want to go shopping with them and throw back some dranks and go dancing. They actually both make some great music too which is a bonus. Look the whole point of my being on the web is to help you help yourselves, so check these two videos out:

Dev- “Bass Down Low”

Luciana – “I’m Still Hot”


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Miss Teresa Lara

So yesterday I came back from my radio station’s ski trip. I was exhausted. Smelled bad and a bit still cold and I found a box from bloody San Luis Obispo on my desk.

I had to wait a bit to open it because I had to go to dinner and God knows I needed a cocktail after the day I had had. When I got home I opened up and found a lovely notebook with a kitty wearing headphones and playing with the radio and I found this:

Oh Hello

A little Hello Kitty MP3 Speaker. And she’s rechargeable!  Amazing! I plugged her in and charged her last night and tried her out this morning. Sometimes these mobile speakers can be touch and go but she sounds marvelous. Good quality tone, nice volume. Perfect for at your desk in the office or laying by the pool in the summer so you don’t disturb everyone else. Plus she’s so cute.

Thank you Teresa, she’s freakin’ PERFECT. I love her.

I miss my friends back home so much. Teresa is one of my many friends that always knows just what to get someone. Be it clothes, a little dodad or a box of candy or a big pink cocktail. Teresa is so good at making people happy. I don’t know how she ever doubts herself, because she’s one of the best people I know. Heart as big as all of France.

A few margaritas later...

the night after the night that dare not speak its name

the Clear Channel days... Punk Ass Bitches for lyfe!

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repost for my friend kim

My friend Kim is turning 28 today and declares 28 to be her magic number. In honor of this I will now post the blog I posted the night I turned 31, because 31 may have been my magic number:

365 days later…

This is me on the last day of being 30 years old. Tomorrow I turn 31, if I like it or not. Oddly enough although I dreaded my 30th birthday like I was going to the gallows, being 30 ended up being kind of a roller coaster ride of sorts…

365 days ago I wasn’t working. I didn’t think I’d ever work again to be honest, I was ready to get a job (shudder) outside of radio and just do what I had to do. I wasn’t particularly happy with my weight, my situation in life and I just sort of felt like… well like being 30 was going to just suck.

Then about a month into it, my friend Teresa called me. She’d been working at some radio group in town and they had an opening. And I applied and through some miracle of miracles I got that job and went to work with a bunch of people I’ve come to think of as my family. I made new friends, I became closer with friends I already had (hello Teresa is my SISTER these days, yo) I tried new things and started running, for my health, not because a big damn bear was chasing me.

And then another job came along. And it was like job Christmas, this was the job I’d been waiting for my whole life and suddenly there it was. Waiting for me to come take it and take a big scary leap. Which I did, because hey, what’s life but a series of big scary leaps, one right after the next? So off I went.

So here I am. 30 for just a few more hours. It’s a trip to think about how much has changed in just one year and to think how many people became so important to me in that short time and really touched my life. I just feel blessed. And oddly enough calm about turning 31. I have a feeling everything is just getting started for me…

Posted by Stephanie at 5:01 PM


If you’re not reading Kim you’re missing out.

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sexiness in the city

Went to Sacramento, last minute on Sunday night. It was amazing.


I love this man
At Brew it Up!
At the R15 bar for Breakfast on Monday

At the R-15 bar I was dicking around on my cell phone and realized there was a really cool place down the way called the Shady Lady Saloon and I insisted that we try it before we left. So in we went and it was worth it. So cute!

Very Madonna Inn esque

We almost tried some

Champagne cocktail

Ben in the Shady Lady with his egg cream

The other rad part of the trip was seeing my friend Vanessa, who I haven’t really had a chance to hang out with since my 30th birthday…

Safeway at 1am. Not Smart
At the R-15 bar Sunday night

I think I was trying to eat her face

Anyway it was a very very fun trip and I know we’ll do it again sometime. Sac is only like an 1 hour 30 minutes away and hotels are cheap. Ours was in downtown and we could walk everywhere (and get panhandled) and never run into anyone we knew or that would care what we were doing. If you know me at all, and you know anything about the places I’ve lived, I LOVE this feature of any city.



breakin’ up

You know the only thing better than silly love songs? Break up songs! Who doesn’t love those? Let’s review….

Gloria Gaynor, “I Will Survive” is a classic. I don’t care how many times Cake tries to cover it. Gloria is a queen.

Full Frontal… man I don’t know ANYTHING about this band. But “You Think You’re A Man” is a great song if you’ve ever been burned by a dude. And the fantastic part is it works for both women and gay men… As I found it by watching one of my favorite shows ever, “Queer As Folk.”

This is the original. It’s really almost better. ❤ you Divine.

BREAKIN UP Video – ARTISTdirect Music.

So anyway, the only source I can find for the Violent Femmes “Breakin’ Up” is at that link above. I think I might actually be the only person who remembers that song at all. But it’s pretty spot on when you’re talking the end of a relationship…

I’m not a Beyonce fan in the least but this song is legit. It’s basically “there’s your ish, get the eff out.”

I have more but right now I want to know, what are your “just got dumped/dumped someome” songs of choice?