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My boyfriend Ben has this capacity for sleep that I do not. He can fall asleep pretty easy most nights and then sleep late into the day if he has nothing going on. He can also sleep through almost anything I’m doing in the house while he’s here. Like right now he’s asleep and I’m on the laptop next to him banging away and he’s just out cold. I’m jealous of it.

Lately my sleep has been whack to say the least. I either fall asleep way too early on nights I’m supposed to want to stay up and party (Fridays, Saturdays, etc) or I can’t fall asleep and then I can’t wake up. I work mornings now and I am not a morning person. Meaning its hard for me to get up at 5am all week long and then be all chipper and with it. I spend most of the day in this caffienated stupor feeling like I’m forgetting something, and sometimes forgetting stuff because hey, I’m exhausted. 5am is just early no matter how early you go to bed.

And on the weekends when I want to sleep in, like today when I don’t have to be at work until 10? I wake up at 630. What the hell?



2 thoughts on “sleep

  1. Jen also has the gift of being able to sleep under almost any circumstances. It’s impressive and it’s also a quality I don’t have.

    I’m typing this at almost 7:30AM on Saturday. I *could* sleep later, but really I can’t. I’m used to getting up around 7AM on my work days. My body just won’t allow me to sleep any later.

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