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7:30 on New Years Eve

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I’m sippy a cocktail and getting ready to get into a fly girl party dress and head off to a party at the boyfriend’s friend’s house.

Wow this isn’t where I thought I’d be 365 days ago when I was sitting at Sushiya with Kristin and Kenny and Amber. I wasn’t sure what 2010 was going to bring.
It brought a lot of changes. A new job. New love. New house. New city. New friends.
Man who knew?
I didn’t.
Last year I wrote a blog on New Years Eve called “Just say F@#k it” because life had just been too hard for too long and I decided to take up the motto “F#@k it.” It sort of served me pretty well this year. I did things I never thought I would. Had great experiences. Moved forward (but not completely on, y’all back home are still in my heart big time, always.) and just hoped for things to get better.
I guess they finally did.
Happy New Year.

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