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I went through this blog recently to see what someone who maybe just met me would get out of it… And I realized I keep a lot of my life and feelings out of it. This isn’t some place I come to vent or share deep secrets. I dance around a lot of stuff and talk about music and am basically surface. Maybe it’s because this blog is public, registered under my own name, maybe it’s because anyone could find it or maybe this is the tidy presentation of my life. This is the clean room where everything is stuffed inside the closet.

And I know other people don’t approach their blogs that way. I know other people use them as a catch all for their feelings or a place to scream into the void or record important moments in their life. And some people don’t mind getting a little messy in their corner of cyber space and letting things out there. Hell some people have probably forgotten they ever posted anything about certain things in the first place. Some people don’t take their own blogs to heart.
So I guess I shouldn’t either.

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