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Songs of 2010… Man there are so many more. This is the first one though that will remind me of Chico.


A little backstory, I LOVE the Deftones. Like LOVE them. Back in the Deadsy days they were known in my house as “friends of the Family,” because they were. The Deftones are cool dudes who helped out some friends of mine.

They put out the first single “Diamond Eyes” before I moved to Chico. It might have even been during my interview process to come up here. I don’t remember. But when I got here the record was out and I snagged a copy and sat around listening to it a lot. People kept telling me that it was all about “Rocket Skates” and it may still be, but for me it was always about “You’ve Seen the Butcher,” which is slowly and steadily climbing the active rock charts while you and I sit here.
I remember listening to this song the first time I was getting ready to go out with Ben (although at the time it wasn’t just Ben I was going out with, etc, group outing with friends blah blah blah…) I didn’t know why I was nervous and just was pacing around the apartment after I’d gotten dressed and waiting for my ride, listening to this song on my computer LOUD since the apartment below me was empty at that time. The doorbell rang and the song ended…
Off we went.


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