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No. Just. No.

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Are you serious?

News story:

Michael Vick Wants to Own a Dog Again

MICHAEL VICK is legally barred from ever owning a dog again . . . for obvious reasons. But Vick thinks he’s ready for a new pet. And he thinks it would actually help him.

–He says, quote, “I would love to get another dog in the future. I think it would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process.

–“I think just to have a pet in my household and to show people that I genuinely care, and my love, and my passion for animals.”

–Vick blames his upbringing for not knowing that dogfighting was wrong . . . quote, “When I was younger I got caught up in dog fighting . . . It was something to do.

–“I hate to use our culture as an excuse. It is what it is. I love animals. I love dogs. I love birds. I love all types of animals. But this is just the way I was brought up. Nobody ever told me it was the wrong thing to do.”

–Vick says that he works with the Humane Society and goes out on speaking engagements . . . even though the courts don’t make him. And he claims he’s learned his lesson.

–He says, quote, “Dogfighting is prominent all across the country, and I know it goes on in a lot of different urban areas.

–“A lot of kids have probably seen it happening before. Hopefully, they’re not involved in it, and hopefully they take away from what happened in my situation and avoid it at all costs.”

(–Should Michael Vick own a dog? I know very few dog lovers would say yes. But the guy did serve his time, after all. Aren’t we supposed to be about giving people second chances? Discuss.)


No really, I’m curious internets, what do you think?

If you’ve spent five seconds on this blog you know what I think, but… How the eff can this guy go around saying he loves animals but didn’t know brutally murdering them was WRONG? No. Fail. Get the eff out. I have ZERO patience for people who hurt animals for fun. None. It’s just flat out wrong.

I was talking with someone the other day that was actually MORE disgusted about Brett Farve and his sexting and apparently small package. Is what Brett Farve did wrong? Sure. But guess what, I’m way more willing to forgive a little sexting than I am an animal murderer.

People often mistake animals as lesser beings. That they don’t feel. That they don’t have little personalities and memories and love just as much as human beings do. They’re wrong. Animals love fiercely, loyally and most of all unconditionally. They put their blind faith in their human companions. And this is why we should protect them. They give us love, companionship, laughter, some help us walk/see/take our medication/call 911 if we pass out, some help kids learn to read, some help people with social anxiety, some comfort the dying… Animals work for us, care for us and trust us. We should protect them and we should see people that hurt them as absolute villains, as we should see any one who preys on anyone that is helpless and or unable to protect themselves.

I can not point to and re-post this article in Sports Illustrated enough. Look at what Michael Vick’s dogs did after they were rescued. These are dogs he would have had shot, electrocuted, drowned, mauled, had beaten to death or tied to a tree to die in the woods because he “didn’t know” it was wrong.

So no, I don’t think Michael Vick should even be allowed to own a goldfish again, much less a dog or a cat or well anything. I’m not even cool with his return to football and the fact that everyone is so ready to stand up and act like he’s some kind of a hero because he served his jail time and now can run faster, jump higher and play harder than before.


One thought on “No. Just. No.

  1. http://badrap-blog.blogspot.com/2010/12/file-this-one-in-your-have-you-been.htmlIf you want to quote from "Lost Dogs" and the BadRap blog, I'm sure that would be okay.

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