Spin Spin Sugar

I'm everyone – hang your label on me

songs that remind me of 2010 part 2

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I was sick of Ke$ha “Tik Tok” the minute I started my job. Bitch be annoying… so I thought. Then one morning I was sitting on South Higuera and heard this song.


And I don’t know… maybe I heard something that was already going on in my head in it. Maybe I was in a good mood that day. Maybe I was dressed cute. I don’t know but this weird, kinda awful song crept into my heart. I will always associate it with a ridiculous inside joke between me and a friend, dancing my ass off, 4 dollar Long Beach Iced Teas the size of a Big Gulp and the feeling that man, I found my home, if even for a little while and found my family, forever.

I like your beard.

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