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Heather may have never remembered me, but I will always remember her. She was around during the best part of my Bakersfield life, the Misbliss days… Heather was the goddess that was my friend’s wife.

Heather was a gorgeous, talented, brave, warrior woman. She was an Amazon. She may have even loved us little goth rock rug rats. What I do know is she was always extremely kind to me and a hell of lot of fun to be around.
I feel horrible because I heard what happened while I was home for Thanksgiving but it didn’t click who had passed away, because of the way I got the information and because I never knew Heather by her birth last name, but as my friend’s wife. My friend’s last name.
Heather was never intimidating to me because she was so (excuse me) fucking inspiring to me. I loved her in this very little girl crush way. Because she was so brave and so sure of who she was. She wasn’t at least in my eyes scared of anything or anyone. She was my own personal Siouxsie Sioux. I’ll never forget her and a lot of my friends won’t either.

Tell the people you love that you love them every day. Tell them constantly. Tell them until you’re mute and they’re deaf. Never let anyone you love slip away. Never let anyone you remotely care about feel alone. Never be afraid to tell people you idolize that you love them, that you care. Never. It’s messy and embarrassing but it’s real. Be real. Be strong. Be an Amazon.

This. When I think of Heather, this is what I think of:



2 thoughts on “Heather.

  1. Thanks, fellow Steph. A lot of people loved her, will miss her, and will be forever missing a part of themselves…

  2. It's beyond sad. I didn't really know Heather well but I helped her out at Guitar Center often when she'd come in with the band and stock up on the necessities. She was always so sweet and I could just tell she had a kindness to her that I'm sure her friends absolutely loved her for. Wish I had known her better and I'm sad to hear that she is gone. I'm sorry for you and your friends' loss.

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