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good bye 2010

You’re gonna get two blogs from me today, but let’s start with the easiest one, the rest of the music I loved in 2010…

I just put that one in there for my friend Nicole. We used to listen to this at the Black Sheep. Super good times.

I’m sure I forgot some, but whatever… What did you love in 2010?


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I went through this blog recently to see what someone who maybe just met me would get out of it… And I realized I keep a lot of my life and feelings out of it. This isn’t some place I come to vent or share deep secrets. I dance around a lot of stuff and talk about music and am basically surface. Maybe it’s because this blog is public, registered under my own name, maybe it’s because anyone could find it or maybe this is the tidy presentation of my life. This is the clean room where everything is stuffed inside the closet.

And I know other people don’t approach their blogs that way. I know other people use them as a catch all for their feelings or a place to scream into the void or record important moments in their life. And some people don’t mind getting a little messy in their corner of cyber space and letting things out there. Hell some people have probably forgotten they ever posted anything about certain things in the first place. Some people don’t take their own blogs to heart.
So I guess I shouldn’t either.

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Angel On My Shoulder

Late in 2009 I got into this show Ghetto House Radio that we played on Wild when I was working there. Every week I’d grab a couple of the mixes and listen to them while I ran the trails in Avila before work in the mornings or while I was driving to and from San Luis. Ghetto House Radio is pretty much in constant rotation still in my life, as a lot of my friends drop mixes for them every week and one of my other friends does the imaging for the show.

This song was on a mix earlier this year. Probably at the height of my “what the hell is going on,” period. And it does pretty much sum up how I felt almost all the time back then. Also the album “Strobelight Seduction,” is one of my favorite whole albums of 2010.


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oh M.I.A you so weird

I got this album sent to me right after I met Ben.


We were still just friends then. We were just friends for awhile after I moved up here. I had no intention of having a relationship with anyone really. But Ben is really endearing and adorable. He gives these fully body hugs that just feel like someone is putting a little protective bubble around you. And he gives them (at least to me) with reckless abandon. He’s never been shy about being affectionate towards me, even when we were just friends who ate dinner together or went to the Old Man Bars together because I really didn’t know anyone here but him and Sarah.

Anyway I think the first time I ever had an inkling that I really liked Ben for more than his dinner conversations was driving around one day this summer listening to this song. It may have been while he was on the East Coast with his family and I realized that I missed him. I think we talked on the phone more in those couple of weeks than we ever have now. (He lives five minutes away from me, the phone is just to tell me to unlock the door of the apartment.) He listened to all my gripes about being lonely here and assured me that I wouldn’t die up here and the cat wouldn’t eat my face or any of that. He made me laugh.
So not only does this song remind me of the latter half of 2010, it reminds me of Ben and hearing him laugh over the phone from 3000 miles away when I was still sleeping on the floor and spending every night sitting next to my pool listening to music wondering what the hell I’d done by moving here.

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that boy was a monster

Everyone knows that the very epic “The Fame Monster” came out in 2009. The story of how I got a copy of the record is one of my favorites from my old job… just having my boss walk in and start rummaging through my purse after we bickered on Facebook about the record. And there it was, in my purse all of a sudden. Viola, surprise here’s the CD you’ve been nagging me for, for like ever.

The whole album is a banger. It’s amazing. This song though, popped out at me when we started playing it as a single early in the year.


I’ve definitely danced to this one a few times in 2010.

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i wanna watch the world..

Songs of 2010… Man there are so many more. This is the first one though that will remind me of Chico.


A little backstory, I LOVE the Deftones. Like LOVE them. Back in the Deadsy days they were known in my house as “friends of the Family,” because they were. The Deftones are cool dudes who helped out some friends of mine.

They put out the first single “Diamond Eyes” before I moved to Chico. It might have even been during my interview process to come up here. I don’t remember. But when I got here the record was out and I snagged a copy and sat around listening to it a lot. People kept telling me that it was all about “Rocket Skates” and it may still be, but for me it was always about “You’ve Seen the Butcher,” which is slowly and steadily climbing the active rock charts while you and I sit here.
I remember listening to this song the first time I was getting ready to go out with Ben (although at the time it wasn’t just Ben I was going out with, etc, group outing with friends blah blah blah…) I didn’t know why I was nervous and just was pacing around the apartment after I’d gotten dressed and waiting for my ride, listening to this song on my computer LOUD since the apartment below me was empty at that time. The doorbell rang and the song ended…
Off we went.