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i just want you back in my head

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My goodness this has been a busy weekend.

Friday night I saw Jeremy in Pontypool over at the Blue Room. Great play. Jeremy was fantastic. I actually forgot I was watching someone I knew while he was on stage.
Saturday I judged a battle of the bands.
Yesterday Ben and I went to watch the Seahawks game over at the End Zone, until this REALLY OBNOXIOUS broad just ruined the whole day for us so we went home before the 4th Quarter. I was PISSED but the Seahawks won anyway, so really? After that we hung around the house. Ben has been helping me organize the kitchen and I swear it almost looks as good as it did before I had anything in it. So to reward him, I made my famous green bean cassorole last night.
Neither one of can drink milk and we’ve been drinking Almond Milk at the house which gave dinner a neat flavor actually. It doesn’t thicken like regular milk though so I think I am going to add some potato soup next time I make it… You see because HE LIKED IT. I win at food. Actually I love cooking for Ben because he does like everything I make. If he doesn’t, he seems to do a good job pretending to and always has seconds.
We also watched U2 “Rattle and Hum” on tv and basically just chilled.
This is a busy week for me as well. I have the Kottonmouth Kings tomorrow night, Danzig on Wednesday and Turkey Bowling on Thursday. Plus I’ll be working my ass off to get ready for Thanksgiving. Wheew.
Still trying to finalize my plans for that weekend. I do want to go to the Central Coast but don’t know if its possible and I haven’t spent an extended period of time with my family since last Christmas so we’ll see.

One thought on “i just want you back in my head

  1. Danzig and then turkey bowling. That's an interesting combination.

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