Spin Spin Sugar

I'm everyone – hang your label on me




I love this song because it really does capture the point of being in love with someone where logic and ration goes out the window. Love is not always logical. Mostly it’s not. Mostly it’s messy and strange and crazy and the most illogical of all emotions humans feel.

But it’s wonderful too. To be loved. To love someone… It’s a wonderful thing. I’m terrible at it, but I’ve seen other people do it really well. I wonder if there is a class on this… I mean come on there was one at the community college back home on how to start a blog! (What was the first step? Pull your head out of your ass and log onto the internet?)
Crazy thing is I’m not even bitter at the moment. I have no reason to be in this department. I just realized over the weekend that I’m not the easiest girl to love sometimes. I’m messy when I’m overworked (that’s all of the time pretty much,) I’m not fantastic with money. I can be a flake when I just do not feel like doing something. I’m geeky and love childish things. I’m overly social and I talk a lot. I get my feelings hurt sometimes, very easily. I’m a crazy perfectionist when it comes to work. I swear too much. I forget to wear make up as often as I remember to wear it. I love my cat A LOT. I have a lot of male friends. I’m overly loyal to friends as well and that’s caused problems. I’m driven and ambitious and busy an awful lot. I like going out with my friends. I don’t ask permission to do things, because I don’t need it.
But I’d like to think that some people find all of the reasons I was “the worst girlfriend in the world” to some of my exs, these things make me amazing. Or you know, not intolerable.

3 thoughts on “tokens…

  1. Romeo and Juliet kick, eh? Now I want to watch it…..again. I've always wanted to be able to sing like Shirley Manson. I really like this post.

  2. it's that dorky i just fell in like feeling. i listen to some serious love songs right now. blech.

  3. I love that feeling AND I love the R+J soundtrack.

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