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I’m not an only child by any means. I have two sisters, but I am the oldest. I’ve never had any brothers and have no idea what it would be like.

However when I was working at the Sea Shanty down in SLO I seemed to acquire a few of them. My two favorites being my boy Jojo and my big brother Danny.

This is at my going away party. This picture is on my desk.

I think about these two all the time. My last few months in San Luis Obispo, man I wouldn’t have made it if it hadn’t been for them listening to me freak out and cry and these two knuckleheads constantly making me laugh and putting up with the fact I would just walk into their office and sit on the floor and cry like an idiot. I could be 811 years old and I will always consider them not just my friends, but my family.

It’s funny I miss them like crazy and am often reminded of this fact when I’m on the Facebook, like this morning. I was very blessed with my time there at the Sea Shanty and I’ll probably never not be grateful for it.

There are more, the lovely DJ Slick, the amazing Sauve Javi, the very cool, talented and extremely nice DJ SOL… Damn man, I miss you all so much. There isn’t anything like that going in Nor Cal, this is certain.

I’m grateful because all of these people helped me find my way when I was so lost. I can’t thank them enough, which means you’ll hear about them again someday.

Love you guys lots. xoxoxo


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