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so that was weird

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I met a girl last night at the Flyleaf show who is a fan of mine. Like an honest to goodness ran down the street and jumped up to hug me fan. I haven’t experienced much of that.

Lacey from Flyleaf is actually smaller than me. She’s very sweet and very pretty in person. I could put her in my pocket and taken her home. But Lily might have eaten her. That tiny.
Pretty weird to hug someone who’s been nominated for a Grammy. Pretty weird to go on stage and not think a thing of it, but that’s what Jeremy and I did last night.
Hung out with Adelle afterwards, while she ate her dinner after getting off work at Duffy’s. Came home, watched some tv (I’m trying to see what the big deal is about the Vampire Diaries so I borrowed it. So far I’m not impressed but I was pretty exhausted last night.)
Got my Halloween costume yesterday. ITS PERFECT.
Had some sad news from back home. A former co-worker of mine and a fantastic lady has had Cancer for awhile now and yesterday they told her she has a week left. They told her she had six months to live about four years ago though, so obviously her doctors are wrong. Obviously.
Ben has had a cold since Sunday. He let me fuss over him and take care of him Sunday night because we were already together when he started feeling crappy but he’s been holed up at home since. I miss him. My friend Cesareo is in town tonight playing a show and I’d like to take Ben if he’s up to it.
Blah blah blah.

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