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So right now I’m trying to play my trip back to Bakersfield for Thanksgiving. Hell, I’m TRYING to go home for Thanksgiving. The way things have been going and the sheer distance involved, I am almost not sure I can. I don’t get the day before Thanksgiving off. I basically can not drive at night and it’s supposedly six hours to Bako from here, although it took me 10 hours last time I did the drive.

Ben may come with me, which would be cool because then he could drive us down the night before Thanksgiving after I get off work. That’d be great, yeah we’d get into town hella late, but it beats me dragging into town at like Noon on Thanksgiving day. We could stay until Saturday and then swing through SLO for a night if any of my friends are going to be in town (I’m looking at you Teresa!) because he’s never been to San Luis Obispo and drive home Sunday morning EARLY. It’s gonna depend on his school schedule and his work schedule and if of course he actually decides to come.
If I don’t go home, this would be the first holiday in my life I didn’t spend with my family. I have no idea what I’d do here. Maybe have an orphans Thanksgiving of my own… I guess I could take the train but I don’t even know what that would cost, when it would leave, etc.
I have moved to the damn moon.
Been chatting with some of my people back home at the old stations and maaaaan I miss them. I forgot to mention that when I was home last month, Wild sounds as amazing as ever. I stopped in there twice over the weekend and was shocked at how much I missed it. When I was there on Saturday visiting someone I kept feeling like I should get up and do something. I may have even offered to voice track. It’s silly but I felt more at home there at the end than ever did running my own station over across the street. Could’ve been the people I worked with. Could’ve been that whole thing where you have to bond when there are like three of you. Could’ve been working with my best friends. I don’t know. I know we were “miserable” there a lot but it was a really special time and place for me and I’ll never ever regret it.
Anyway I have radio of my own to make. We’re in the middle of planning another huge event and I’m exhausted. Go figure.

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  1. Seems like every time I've ever looked into train travel, it always required an extra couple days just to deal with the trains. That may just be due to the times that trains come through SLO. If you could get on a Bako-bound train on Wednesday night, it might actually work out. Anyway, good luck with the trip planning!

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