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Happy Halloween from Hello Kitty

It’s dumb but I freakin’ love Slayer. Sue me. (And yes, I saw them live once with Static-X and Pantera.)


I also love cover songs. It was a big part of the Punk Ass Bitches Halloween Show.. Covers are like a band is wearing a costume, so let’s play…


Goddamnit I know there are more. But Hello Kitty is tired.


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More spooky gems for you

Let’s play Stephanie Listened to Goth Rock like a lame theatre part 2

Siouxsie and The Banshees – “Halloween”

My god I love Siouxsie. If I look as good as this woman when I’m her age… well jeeze.

This picture is from her last album 2 years ago.

Let’s talk about Son of Sam. This is not AFI. They put out this great album called “Songs From Earth” and I haven’t heard the follow up. Sorry, I’m a bad music fan.

I’ll have more for you tomorrow I’m sure.


Things about me you may not know

I’m a pretty sensitive kid. You wouldn’t know it because I’m always joking and I laugh a lot. I like making other people laugh. I like to make other people feel like the best person they can be. I live for that kind of a thing. Hell if you think about it, it’s kind of what I do for a living. I think the world would be a better place if everyone went around thinking how they could make other people feel good about themselves.

But for all the smiling and joking, I’m really a sensitive kid. I cry pretty easily when I’m alone. How emo, I know, feelings are lame. But it’s true. I cry at talking animal movies, any movie where someone dies, I cry at books, I cry at sad songs. I am just this massive ball of emotional retardedness.

Someone asked me recently why I always say “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” I think it’s because I’m telling myself that. Because being so far away from my support system, falling apart every time something hurts my feelings, it’s not an option. Because if someone yells at me at work or I misread someone’s intentions in my life, I can’t just run over to Teresa’s house or go to the Black Sheep and tell Nicole about it over some veggie chilli. Hell I can’t even go to the radio station and unload on Jojo (which I’m sure he’s relieved about, ha ha) or make Tristan go to McCarthy’s with me so he can tell me to sack up, rub some dirt on it and walk it off.

On the same level I can’t just get in the car and drive two hours and be at my parents house either. Or Jackie’s house. Or well… anyone. I’m six hours away at least from everyone who knows me best. So being sad, having a fit, needing something, these aren’t options. It has to be okay. I can not worry about it.

Like on Thursday we had this huge event. And some stuff went wrong. And I couldn’t freak out. I had no option but to say it was fine, walk it off and put a big smiley face on for the television camera and for my people. So yeah I guess I say “It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” a lot. It’s sort of like my mantra any more.

And it is.. it’s fine. Moving up here was the scariest thing I have ever done. I don’t think anyone understands how good, at least emotionally I had it at my last job. I was safe. I was with friends, hell those people are my family. It was fun and I had very little to account for. (Although Jo would probably tell you I kept trying to get more to do and probably over worked myself for what I was making, but hey you do that for the things/people you love) But with the love and support of my family and friends I made this jump to the moon and I’m here now trying to make my way. Trying. Most of the time it’s going well.

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Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. No joke. I like black cats and most scary movies and fall weather and all that stuff. But what I love most is the music… ahhh yes, it’s true, I was a goth kid at an embarrassingly late age. It served me well once a year for four years though, when I was the co-creator/co-host/music director for a specialty show. On Halloween weekend, I brought out the best of the “spooky” best and I am beyond proud to say it is a tradition that has been continued in my absence. My friend Tristan emailed me the playlist for this weekend’s show this morning and I was so proud. If you’re near a computer on Saturday night at 11, punch up www.newrock1073.com and listen to the Punk Ass Bitches show. Definitely one of the best things I was ever a part of.

Anyway since this music is what I do best, let’s explore some of the songs I used to throw on the Halloween edition of the show:

The Virgin Prunes- “Baby Turns Blue”

You might not know this, but this band is loosely connected to U2.

I owe my friend Johnny Davies full credit for introducing me to this great band. Their stuff was at one point very hard to find but I think it’s back out in circulation…


Christian Death-“Romeo’s Distress”

You have to understand Christian Death is kind of offensive. But I love this band. Don’t care. One of the stranger things I think I’ve ever seen was the Rozz Williams exhibit at the Museum of Death. Seriously they had the door he hung himself from and his ashes there. The Museum of Death is creepy. Anyway I have Jeremy Cross, the renowned artist to thank for bringing this band into my life. The album “Only Theatre of Pain” is amazing.


Bauhaus- “In the Flat Field”
Doesn’t seem like the obvious choice, I mean that’s “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” but I’ve danced to this gem a few times in the goth clubs of LA and I love it. It’s just as creepy. Peter Murphy is one of my all time favorite artists and I’ve seen his solo show a handful of times. This song is begging to be featured in a scary movie.

The Sisters of Mercy- “Marian”
This is just another of those “creepy” bands I really really like and love to drag out on a rainy night to listen to. It’s definitely not out of place on a Halloween party soundtrack…

I could keep doing this all night. Maybe I’ll throw some more at you before Halloween night…

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me and love

My job has always been an issue in my relationships. I can’t remember one that it wasn’t. There is always the threat of my needing to move to another city for an opportunity or the long hours or the fact that I spend 90% of my time surrounded by men only, because there aren’t a lot of girls in my business. It’s always caused friction in my life as I am sure no one likes feeling like they come second to something else, even if they don’t actually come second, it sometimes feels like it I’m sure.
I relate to this Gaga quote because I’ve done it a million times. Been sitting there looking at that decision. That ultimatum. Me or that. Us or radio. Us or the next adventure. Be with me or go be “famous” (I don’t think I’m famous but I’ve had this load of shit thrown at my face before.) I’ve always chosen work. I’ve always chosen me. I’m selfish that way.
I’ve never regretted it though. And I honestly think it’s impossible for me to meet someone who understands 100% how my business works. Because if I meet someone like that, they probably work in the same business and they’re just as driven as I am. Just as ambitious. Just as focused. Just as much of a geek. I know there are more of “me” out there, I’ve worked with them. I’ve admired them. But I also know that given the choice: a relationship or work, they’d chose work, just like me. Work is always there, there is always something to be done, you can always go drown yourself in it when you’re lonely.
To be fair, nothing is wrong now. I’m not terribly lonely or having issues really, just saw this today and it really struck me. Kinda weird to know one of the most famous women in the world has the same world view as me….

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Last night I got the sad news that one of my former co-workers from the Clear Channel days of SLO and Santa Maria passed away.

M had been fighting cancer for awhile now. Hard. Four years ago they told her she had like six months live and well… that was four years ago. I think we all held our breath and hoped she’d beat it a little longer, because I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t love M. She was this gorgeous firecracker of a woman and although I didn’t work with her every day, I looked forward to seeing her at our station gatherings. She always had a smile on her face and made everyone else around her smile too.

My heart aches for my former co-workers back home. My thoughts are with you guys. And with M, she’ll be missed.