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thoughts on my trip to SLO

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Man first of all I was glad to be home. It was great to know where everything was and see my friends and feel like I belonged. Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting that way here, but to be able to walk into my Black Sheep and have something amazing dropped in front of me or an understanding face when I came back from visiting with someone else down there? Magic. Or seeing the amazing Jenn Wynn who doesn’t facebook at Mr Ricks. Or putting my feet in the ocean…

Or my wonderful family there. The always amazing Tristan Negranti. My sister Teresa Lara. My hearts, Kristin, Micheala, and Jon! So cool of everyone to come out to see me. And of course the lovely Nicole who I missed like crazy. And yeah then there was my brother from another mother, the guy who kicked my ass up to the moon, Jojo Lopez, who probably didn’t miss me one damn bit, but annoying the hell out of him was the best part of my day for about a year. No seriously, seeing everyone was crazy amazing and rad and I thank all of you for taking the time to put in facetime with me.
Leaving was hard. Not bawling my eyes out hard like when I moved, but definitely unpleasant. But I was grateful after many hours in the car to come home and find my amazing cat Lily had been well cared for by this boy person I know named Ben, who I have never mentioned by name here before. But there it is. I know a boy named Ben and he watched my cat and my apartment while I was gone. And he’s pretty rad. So there’s that.
Tonight I’m going downtown to see some live musics and probably eat tacos. Tacos morning noon and night people. It’s how we roll in Chico.
I don’t know when the next time I drop down from the moon will be. Hopefully before the end of the year. I miss you all dearly. I miss you more than I’ll ever say out loud or on this blog. Yes, especially you…

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