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I'm everyone – hang your label on me

Day 16 – A song that you used to love but now hate

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The Starting Line – “Bedroom Talk”

I discovered this song on a road trip with an ex of mine I’ll call Q. I’m gonna be straight up here, Q was a jerk. He was mean and manipulative and he’ll never admit it or apologize. But I was in love with him in this really weird oblivious way because I thought he was THE ONE or something equally idiotic. This was our first road trip, we’d gone to Santa Barbara so he could cover some film conference for work and I walked around at the downtown area and went to a few record stores.
I bought a couple of “punk” compilations for the punk show I used to host and this song was on one of them. It came on as we were leaving Santa Barbara on our way to some wineries and he asked me if I’d spend the night at his house again that night (two nights in a row?!) and everything felt perfect.
Later when he dumped me in this really cruel manner and then fell off the face of the Earth, I decided that song sucked and I never wanted to hear it again.

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