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Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone

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This one is hard because I have song that reminds me of everyone… Seriously if you know me, you have a song. So eff it meme, I’m going to do a couple here:


Oh yes, you see Poison here. “Look What the Cat Dragged in” reminds me of the most fun I ever had, ever because of the beautiful and insane (in the best way) Jen Wa the Destroyer. I think we listened to this song a million times when we were going out to wreck shop on SLO or some crap dive bar in Grover Beach. Or some club in Hollywood where we were trying to get out of work actors to buy us Thai Food at 4am. (Don’t ask.)


The Urge – “Jump Right In” reminds me of the summer after high school when my BFF Megan and I were doing absolutely nothing. We rode the bus around, went to movies, laid out by my pool and stole cars basically for a couple of months. Oh and went to dance clubs in the “bad part of town,” and the mall. Typical. But I hear this song and I’m 17/18 years old all over again. Ahh yes, my 18th birthday party where the fire department showed up. Ha ha.


Bob Marley & the Wailers – “Simmer Down” reminds me of my old boyfriend Chris who I’ve written about so many times, I don’t need to explain him. But this is one of those many random songs he introduced me to and loved.

Katy Perry – “Teenage Dream,” look I’m just as mad at myself for liking this song/album but it’s really good. And I’m pretty warped from my year at the pop station. One thing, watch this video and if you’ve ever driven from the SLO area to Santa Barbara / Ventura… you’ll recognize some of this. It’s totes the 101. By the way when did Katy Perry get hot? Where was I when this happened? Oh right, who does this song remind me of? Oddly enough they know that they do. And it’s not who you think. So ha?

Good god, I’m 12 years old!

Anyway enjoy those.


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