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Day 16 – Your first kiss, in great detail

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I want to say I was in 7th grade. I went to Magic Mountain with my friend Ross K for his birthday. It was me, another girl, who I think was named Ginger but I’m not sure and this guy I was “going out” with Richard N.

Going out in 7th grade is a dumb concept by the way. I think this particular paring came up from the fact that Ross and Richard were neighbors or knew each other some how. Either way I mentioned that Richard was cute or something and the next thing I knew he was my boyfriend. Stupid.

So we all go to Magic Moutain. Ross’s dad drives us and lets us do our thing while he goes off and naps or reads or whatever. Not a lot of trouble to get into inside of a theme park. Eventually Ross and Ginger go off somewhere and I beg Richard to ride the Jet Stream with me, because I was hot and this ride had water and a shorter line the rest.


If you’ve never ridden this thing it requires you to sit pretty much on your friends. So I sat in front of Richard and we went on down the “river” and there’s this tunnel on the ride. I remember him tapping me on the shoulder during this point and I turned around and bam, first kiss. On a carnival ride. Super cheesy.

I think he and I “went out” for another month or so after that and then we broke up as is the fashion in junior high.

A few years ago someone started trying to plan our high school reunion and I started looking up old friends and found him online. He was selling houses and we said hello and giggled about our stupid shared past.


One thought on “Day 16 – Your first kiss, in great detail

  1. This story is so cute! I honestly can't remember who/what/where/when/why my first kiss was. I haven't a clue. Rather disturbing.

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