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Day 07 – Your best friend, in great detail

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Again little meme, I’m gonna bend the rules and change this up a bit. I have a few best friends so picking one isn’t fair. So I will write about instead my best friend that I have known the longest… My friend Megan, who ironically enough is coming to town to hang out with me tonight.

I met Megan in grade school. We were kinda opposites even then. She wore ribbons in her hair and I think they sometimes had to tie me down to get a dress on me when I was younger. At any rate I don’t remember dressing nearly as cute as she did.

Megan and I on my 10th birthday.

We were friends all through elementary school and then her mom dragged her off to Nevada for awhile in Jr. High. I was so bummed and we used to write letters back and forth. When we started hanging out again in high school I was so glad. Megan is the best kind of girlfriend, up for anything, tougher than she looks, sillier than she’ll tell you and kinder than anyone on the face of the Earth. We were together so much I’m pretty sure 50% of the school thought we were dating. Oh well.

Megan and I on Halloween our Senior year.

At the prom. We had dates too but eff them. Or mine at least. My date to this can definitely suck it.

We had many adventures together over the years. Most of which the statute of limitations hasn’t run out on yet, so I can’t write about them… 😉 Something about auto theft or something and maybe a fist fight on someone’s yard… Uhh I mean I’m kidding, all we ever did was bake cookies and go to the movies and shop!

Then we became grown ups somewhere down the road and Megan met the best guy in the world when she met this guy Grant.

Grant is a bad ass, all the way around.

Grant is Megan’s perfect other half. How do I know this? I love Grant. We get a long very well and he’s very understanding of Megan’s shopping habits and of course of her having me as a friend. I’m a lot of hard work. No seriously Grant’s rad and he just really made me and Megan’s friendship that more rad.

Rides of March 2009

Making an honest woman out of my bff!

I am so not skinny here.

My beautiful, most long timest best friend Megan is asleep in my living room now. We had quite the time last night and they may stay one more night. I love her more than words could ever say. She’s family at this point. She’s my sister. She is my heart and some day we’ll be at the old BFF’s home talking about this one time we stole a car.

Except we won’t cos that TOTES DIDN’T HAPPEN 😉

Chico, CA 2010. I mean who the eff else would come see me on the Moon?


One thought on “Day 07 – Your best friend, in great detail

  1. That's cute. A solid BFF is hard to find. You're lucky ladies.

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