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dumb stuff you don’t think about

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The thing about moving is you don’t even think about some things that you’re going to need when you first turn up at your new place. Like paper towels or dish soap or I don’t know a freakin’ towel.

I went through all of that my first night in my place. I had to go to Target right after work just to be able to shower before I hit the train and went back to SLO to get my stuff. But now even with my stuff here, on an almost daily basis I realize I need something I don’t have. Like when I needed a broom and couldn’t find one. Or like last night when I realized I really really need to vacuum my floors but I haven’t owned my own vacuum in years. Bummer. I was ranting and raving about it to a friend online late last night, because that’s the normal time to realize you have a delivery team coming in the next day and the floor hasn’t been vacuumed since you moved in.

I also really need a mop. Go figure that I didn’t pack a mop. Or that I forgot my step stool and have to keep a folding chair in my kitchen so I can reach stuff. Or that I forgot that I threw out all of my book cases when I moved into my last place and now have zero shelving.

Its kind of funny though, when you’re a kid, no one ever says “Man you know what I want? A really nice vacuum cleaner.” Except now I do, and it doesn’t even have to be NICE. Just something that sucks dirt off the ground. Ehhh maybe I’ll have a look at Craigslist…


One thought on “dumb stuff you don’t think about

  1. Figures. I've got a vacuum out in my shed I could give you. Probably cost more that it's worth to box it up and ship it to you. (It's about 10 years old, and may be on its last legs for all I know.) Anyway, good luck with the Craigslist hunting!

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