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state of the Chico address

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So since moving to the Planet Chico I’ve acquired some bitchin’ free cable. I seriously have every channel out there. And internet. And a phone. Rad. Oh and I get paid to have it. Not too shabby if you ask me. Then I acquired a gym membership to what I am told is the best gym in town. Stoked, I just need to go in and sign up and turn in my certificates. Then I can start working out again (yay!) and continue to be the incredible shrinking Stephanie. Seriously I look NOTHING like I did a year ago. It’s awesome.

Now I’ve just left a meeting where I’m getting a new bed. This is my first BRAND NEW BED that I didn’t buy off of some one or have purchased for me by a parent or whatever. My very first grown up bed! LOL. No really though, I get to go to the store and pick out the bed of my dreams. I am more than excited about it.

And grateful. Seriously I was so scared to move up here and there are still days when I’m laying on the Craigslist futon and wonder if I can get up and do this again another day, or if it’s ever going to stop being NEW and confusing and mildly scary, but at least once a week something cool surprises me and I feel… almost at home I guess.

My heart is still in San Luis Obispo, that’s for sure. I mean I miss everyone and everything thing there constantly. Like there are still days I’d give anything to go walk into the Black Sheep with Teresa and drink a red drink and bitch about our jobs and boys with Nicole. Or to walk out to Pete’s Pierside and eat an incredible fish taco and see my friends Trent and Lora and laugh and drink beers. And don’t even get me started on how much I miss my Mr Rick’s family or the incredibly bad ass staff over at Wild 106.1 because even as crappy as some stuff was (or silly or flat out inappropriate in the best way, really) my time there was, it’s all in my heart and I am better for my time in “radio hell” (Or did I used to call it the 7th Level of Radio Hell. Or Where Radio Goes to Die, I can’t remember, but I was WRONG on all counts.)

But I’m definitely finding my feet here. Making friends. Realizing my jocks are total bad asses. Finding places I like to go. Getting my grown up house together. Laying at my pool and reading lots of books and doing whatever the hell I feel like when I want to, because I can.

Like for instance the other day I looked up how far it is to go to Seattle. Did you know that I can drive to Seattle, Washington in 11 hours? It takes 8 hours to get to SLO for reference. I’m thinking about getting a couple of friends and making a road trip up there. I haven’t been since I was a little kid and I’d love to see it again. And not be the only Seahawks fan for 1000000s of miles.

Later this week, Megan and Grant will be here. My first overnight guests since I moved to Planet Chico. I’m pretty excited to see them because duh, Megan is my BFF and I adore Grant. But it will be neat to show someone around my new town and introduce them to friends I’ve made here.

I remember the week or so before I left SLO, sitting in my boss Jojo’s office and just bawling constantly thinking I was never going to make any friends and how I was just going to come up here and fall on my face. He always told me I was wrong. That brat, he just always has to be right…


One thought on “state of the Chico address

  1. Congratulations on getting a real, actual bed! Also, glad to read you're finding your way around on the moon.

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