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30 days meme

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So there is this meme going around the internets where you blog on certain subjects for 30 days. I have decided to do this! Shocking, I know.

I’ll actually be posting two days of it at once right now though, since I started it yesterday and just didn’t post it.

I’m Stephanie. I’m 31. I just moved to Chico, CA for a job

I like music (who doesn’t) playing radio, kissing boys, eating sushi and laying in the sun on a nice day and getting a tan. I will probably die of skin cancer by the time I am 50 and I simply do not give a crap about it. Not giving a crap is one of my other hobbies, by the way.

I like mystery. I like getting inside peoples minds. Sometimes great conversation is better than anything. I like fashion and other shallow, vain things. I fell in love with pop music. I love a good mix DJ. I love people who create something out of nothing, in fact it’s about the sexiest thing there is. I love people who LOVE. I love people with gorgeous beautiful minds. I know a few, you know?

I love my iphone. I love pictures.

I have this cat Lily Monster Boo Face Kitty Meow who is the raddest thing in the world. Seriously, she’s so gangsta, it’s ridiculous.

I’m a total Daddy’s girl. Sue me. My two sisters are the coolest women on Earth and put me to shame with their powers of awesome.

My friends… man I have a collection of flame throwingly awesome friends. They’re even more badass than a robot dinosaur pirate ninja zombie. No joke. They rock the free world.

I love fancy things.

I am a dork. Sci Fi dork. Radio dork. Seattle Seahawks fan dork. I can explain the rules of baseball. I like martinis. I like dying my hair. My favorite book in the free world is Francesca Lia Block’s “Wasteland.” I read it probably once a month, no joke.

My headphones are my babies. Radio is my life. I hate wearing shoes.

This entry is lame, but I’ll get to the good questions in good time I guess.


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