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Yesterday I had to get into the boxes in my closet to look for something and lo and behold I found my box of year books and some photos that I thought I had lost and for a second I was super giddy and couldn’t wait to go through them all. And so I popped open this box and sat down on my bed and started digging through it. I mean I haven’t seen some of this stuff in over two years.

Process that for a minute.

Two years ago the majority of the people in my yearbooks were alive and well and looking through them probably wouldn’t have taken my breath away, but it did yesterday.

I miss Chris every day. Probably more this time of year, because it would be his birthday still if he was still around.

Still around… man I was going through that box yesterday and here is all this physical evidence that my friend, my beautiful amazingly talented, funny, creative, caring friend once walked the planet Earth and made it a far sillier, far out, awesome place to live. And it made me sad because he’s not here anymore and then it made me angry…

I can’t ever say I will ever understand what happened. What I can say is I will never forget this sparkly eyed, wide smiling, sort of bratty boy who taught me so much and to whom I owe so much. I miss you Chris, still.


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