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the sad ballad of Stephanie’s iPhone

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It’s the damnedest thing. I love my iPhone. I take care of it, like it’s some kind of baby or something. My iPhone is at my side constantly and I have never done wrong by this phone. Usually my phone does pretty swell by me as well.

Until I moved an hour and a half from the nearest Apple store. And my home button (basically the button that makes the phone freakin’ work) went out.

I have to mail the phone out today to get repaired. Or replaced. Either way, I’ll be without my iPhone for about a week. I’m sad. I’m cranky. I’m also without my camera basically as a result.

Did I mention that I’m REALLY tired of sleeping on the floor? What does that have to do with my iPhone? Nothing. I’m just generally cranky. And have a sore neck/back/etc. Sue me.


One thought on “the sad ballad of Stephanie’s iPhone

  1. Too bad about the iPhone. I accidentally dropped mine last year, and the screen shattered. I sent it to a non-Apple repair place in Florida because it was cheaper overall than having the SLO Apple Store do it. I was without the iPhone for about a week. It sucked.And how come you don't have a bed yet? I thought this sleeping on the floor thing was, at first, a temporary situation. Then, a voluntary one.

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