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too hot

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It’s a point of fact that it’s hot in Chico. Balls hot. Lake of fire and damnation hot. My pool is 75 degrees at night hot.

This makes going to sleep difficult. The air conditioner in Casa De Bellish is a wall unit. It doesn’t always cool the bedroom. Last night was one of those nights. I woke up at 3am just sweating and had to get up and go sleep in the living room floor under the AC. no big deal since I sleep on the floor as a general rule anyway. But damn… It’s hot here.

Went to Butte Creek with my new style funky Asian Girlfriend Sarah. We dubbed her this while we were shithoused at Lost on Friday night discussing radio via text with another friend of mine. Anyway she took me to a creek. I got in. Probably got fish poop in my pores but oh well. Gotta try to blend in with the locals after all.

Meatwad tells me I need to go to the Holes. Naturally I did a double take at this term. He meant swimming holes. Salmon Hole, Aligator Hole, Bear hole…

Also I keep seeing people here who look like people from back home. There’s a girl that goes to the Banshee (stellar place) who looks like a girl I didn’t like in SLO. Theres a dude that makes sushi at Rawbar who’s a dead ringer for my old boss Jojo. There’s a guy where I’m eating right now that looks like a sever from the Custom house…

Might be homesick. Might be this assraping heat.


One thought on “too hot

  1. My old apartment only had A/C in the living room. It was on the third floor, and got quite warm during the humid midwestern summer months. I wound up dragging my mattress into the living room and just slept in there. It was too brutal to try and sleep in the bedroom.

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