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Music is completely weird sometimes. Like it can throw you for a loop every so often and today, no exception.

Yesterday when I was deciding what we’d play here today, I didn’t think about what I was sticking in one of our retro feature spots and dumped a song in and moved on. Today doing my show though, I realized what song it was and when it came out and how much it reminds me of my friend Chris who passed away two years ago.

Passed away… man I hate that term. I hate all the terms that describe what happened to him though, because they all mean he isn’t here right now and that I miss him in an entirely different way than I did when he just lived in another state. Such is the way of the world.

I signed the paper work to come work up here on the two year anniversary of the day we lost him. How’s that for freakin’ weird?

Anyway, enjoy this little slice of my teenage life, and a little peek into what this one boy I love who just isn’t with us anymore and I used to listen to….


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