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365 days later…


This is me on the last day of being 30 years old. Tomorrow I turn 31, if I like it or not. Oddly enough although I dreaded my 30th birthday like I was going to the gallows, being 30 ended up being kind of a roller coaster ride of sorts…

365 days ago I wasn’t working. I didn’t think I’d ever work again to be honest, I was ready to get a job (shudder) outside of radio and just do what I had to do. I wasn’t particularly happy with my weight, my situation in life and I just sort of felt like… well like being 30 was going to just suck.

Then about a month into it, my friend Teresa called me. She’d been working at some radio group in town and they had an opening. And I applied and through some miracle of miracles I got that job and went to work with a bunch of people I’ve come to think of as my family. I made new friends, I became closer with friends I already had (hello Teresa is my SISTER these days, yo) I tried new things and started running, for my health, not because a big damn bear was chasing me.

And then another job came along. And it was like job Christmas, this was the job I’d been waiting for my whole life and suddenly there it was. Waiting for me to come take it and take a big scary leap. Which I did, because hey, what’s life but a series of big scary leaps, one right after the next? So off I went.

So here I am. 30 for just a few more hours. It’s a trip to think about how much has changed in just one year and to think how many people became so important to me in that short time and really touched my life. I just feel blessed. And oddly enough calm about turning 31. I have a feeling everything is just getting started for me…


6 thoughts on “365 days later…

  1. 31 sucked for me with illness and such but I wish you a very happy and blessed 31st birthday and I am so excited for your new job! πŸ™‚

  2. Aww Missy, thank you! xoxo

  3. ZOMG!You rule.(Also, my birthday is next week…)

  4. (Hmmmmmm. It dawns on me that my comment might've seemed snarky/sarcastic. But that wasn't the intent. I really mean to say that you're awesome and hence, you rule.)

  5. Just imagine how AWESOME the next 365 days are going to be!

  6. Holy smokes, you're 30??? You don't look it at all! And I mean that in the good way πŸ™‚ Congrats on a much improved life situation, from someone else who was unemployed a year ago to this day!

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