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times like these


You are currently reading the blog of one very very tired DJ.

I had my first day on the air here in Chico today and while there were some hiccups and a few technical boo boo’s I made it through and even got some nice comments from some listeners. So I guess I live to fight another day.

I posted about starting my job at WiLD awhile back and how weird it was. I mean previous to walking into that building, I had never worked anywhere less than seven years. Seriously, I was at both of my previous clusters for seven years a piece and when I walked into the building out on Buckley a year ago, I wondered if that was where I was going to spend the next seven years of my life.

As it turns out it wasn’t, even though some of the friendships I built there, I can’t imagine my life without them now… So here I am less than a year later, starting all over again. Life’s a trip that way.

I still miss everyone back home terribly. Like more than you could imagine and more than I will ever admit, lest you Central Coasters get swelled heads. But today was probably the first day since I’ve been here that I felt in control of the things I’m supposed to be in control of and I wonder if being on the air was the missing piece since I got here. Probably, I’m a freakin’ ham. Since I don’t know anyone here yet, might as well talk to the microphone, right?

Next I just really want my house unpacked and set up. I want the epic amount of laundry I have to wash to be cleaned. I want my cable and internet on (although presently I’d settle for having my television plugged in and the dvd player set up!) and I want a bed. I’ll get all the other pesky things… friends, a social life, a hang out, a favorite sushi joint… it will all come in time.

Or if I remain as exhausted as I am today, that stuff won’t matter anyway, so either way, it’s a win-win situation. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a hard earned glass of wine waiting for me at my house, along side of 98089787 boxes I still need to unpack.

This song has been in my head since I quit my last job.


2 thoughts on “times like these

  1. Good to read that you're officially back on the air and that (for the most part) everything went well. That's likely to be a big component in getting things to feel like "normal." Having a bed will definitely help, too.And of course we miss you back here on the central coast. Now that you're on the air, we can at least hear your voice again thanks to Internet streaming. I think you said your station has an iPhone app? Will have to look out for that.

  2. Shawn- Yep Z-Rock has a FREE iPhone app. And we stream online as well. 🙂

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