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got my smile got my orange crush

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Well in this case Cherry Crush.

I was at the Food For Less yesterday and noticed that there are two liter bottles of Crush on the market. You might remember this soda from the 80’s.

When I was a kid, my grandpa used to take me to this place in a town called Pumpkin Center. It was a feed store. Yes a feed store, we had cows, wanna fight about it?

Anyway this feed store was in my little kids mind enormous and had all kinds of weird stuff in it, that I couldn’t find a use for. I mean I was six or something. I have no idea why we were at the feed store. I just know my grandpa seemed to know everyone, much like when we’d go to the “junk sale” on Sundays. And at the end of the feed store outing, I’d get to get a soda out of the soda machine that sold glass bottles. Seriously, these things existed in the world.

My favorite was always Cherry Crush, followed by Orange and in extreme emergencies, Grape, but usually if it was left between Grape and Coke, I’d just get the Coke. I’d pop the top on the little bottle opener and then it’d be off to the pick up truck to take whatever contraption or food we’d bought back to my grandparents house, sometimes even listening to 8-track tapes.

I bought a two liter of this Cherry Crush yesterday, and it’s really sweet and not in a glass bottle but if I close my eyes really tight and take a sip, I smell hay and I smell home.


One thought on “got my smile got my orange crush

  1. My favorite Crush flavor has always been orange. I seriously loved orange soda when I was a kid. I'm not sure I ever had cherry Crush. I also remember the grape (never liked it) and the strawberry (never liked it, either) versions.I think you might even still be able to get it in small glass bottles at Powell's Sweet Shoppe downtown.

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